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What I’m Doing Now

(This is a now page inspired by Derek Sivers, and if you have your own website, you might like to make one, too.)

Updated June 1st, 2024 from my home in the Algarve, Portugal.

Creating my CATALYZE program.

CATALYZE is the third experience in the IMPACT membership, and I’m one week into delivering this live program. Already, it feels like the most impactful group experience I’ve ever done.

I see people with shining eyes and quieted minds, feeling the wellbeing within them and beginning to see just how powerful this is, for us and for our work with others.

Doing market research for new projects and services.

As part of the Authentic Market Discovery course, I’m having conversations with entrepreneurs who relate to one or more of these topics:

  1. Create and sell a transformative event or experience
  2. Less stress and more enjoyment so work feels energizing
  3. Co-create a project/experience with a group of people
  4. Get to the next milestone on your project
  5. Find a regular way of inviting clients or client conversations that feels good for you

I have seven calls scheduled. Exciting to see what unfolds!

Learning about YouTube

With my 100 YouTube Videos Challenge complete, I’m embarking on a deeper exploration of what I’d like to create through my channel. I’d love to create a resource for changemakers and their communities that inspires them to bring beautiful projects to life. The vision is different and larger than that for The Awakened Business, and I’m in the research phase.

My progress has slowed down a bit while I focus on other things, but it’s still alive.

Playing in the creation of transformational event and game design for communities.

My talented friend, Krishnan Unnikrishnan, has recruited me for his Radiant IRIS projects, which in a nutshell use interactive roleplaying and storytelling to connect international communities and help heal our collective and the planet. I never dreamed I’d be involved with creating a transformational board game or designing somatic experience journeys for Hollywood elites…and this is just the beginning!

Marinating on a pilot for a “Radio Station” to connect people and projects looking for each other.

Last year while I was pondering my friend, Simon Grant’s CHOICE and RegenMatch project, an idea dropped in to create a “radio station” that would pick up the signals of changemakers already being broadcast and put them on a “channel” where they could be discovered. The idea has since evolved and I may begin experimenting with a simple prototype for communities such as the Three Principles, Karma Bank and the Radiant IRIS projects. It’s moving!

The $5,000 Per Day Experiment

A new experiment for the month of June: I will get quiet and listen to NOTHING every day, and ask the question, “What can I do today to receive $5,000 with ease and joy?” Then I’ll listen some more, and do whatever occurs to me.

At the World Listening Summit last month, I realized how much I’ve been going to my intellect for answers, rather than going fresh to the Source. So I’ll put it to the test and see what happens! This was also inspired by Michael Neill‘s exercise to create money over our two hour lunch break, an experience in creating the impossible.

Creating a choreography for a dance performance.

In the process of completing my Impossible Dance last year, I fell in love with pole dance. It requires strength, body awareness, musicality and a whole host of other skills that have me on a steep learning curve. It’s taught me so much about how to fall in love with learning, allowing myself to absolutely suck, and how much fun it can be. My next adventure will be partnering with my instructors at Pole With a View to choreograph a new dance performance.

I’m gently wondering about…

  • What the GROW group experience in July will be like. How can I help people choose an experiment that will move the needle in one area of their business?
  • What is so valuable that it would be worth any price for someone who hires me?
  • If I might also deserve the wealth and abundance that I wish for those I love. (My suspicious is yes.)
  • What it would be like to live beyond the limits of my little mind, and how much fun we might have.