If you could wave a magic wand and transform anything in your life, what would you like to be different?
"Thank you, Steph, for a few of the most magical days of my life. I truly feel rebirthed and renewed."

- Orit Krug, Dance Movement Therapist
If you could wave a magic wand and transform anything in your life, what would you like to be different?
Well, I don’t have an actual magic wand, but an immersive coaching experience is pretty damn close.

An immersive coaching experience is when we spend 3-5 days together immersed in a transformational conversation about the universal truth of being human, who we are and how we work. (You can read my description of transformational coaching here, if you’re new to the idea.)

You see the world through new eyes, and your behaviors and patterns change without trying. Things that once looked like “problems” dissolve effortlessly with a deeper understanding of who you are and how you work.

A few years ago I began doing 2 ½ day Coaching Immersives. In this Immersive, we go DEEP into the nature of what it is to be human, what’s true for each of us.

3 days together is a magic recipe lending itself to insight and breakthrough.

You “retreat” from your everyday life and marinate in the energies of Truth for long enough that it really changes you.

Last year, I began doing these Immersive experiences in person and I’ve fallen in love with it!

We spend time in nature, enjoy meals and beautiful silences. There’s time and space for reflection with no need to “stay focused,” and often serendipitous experiences arise of their own accord.

If you’d like to see the world and yourself differently, with a deeper sense of peace and well-being, this is for you.

I’d love to create a custom retreat experience just for you or a small group. Here are two examples of what it might look like.

3 Day Coaching Magic on the Beach Immersive
We’ll meet near the beach in the Algarve region of Portugal or St. Petersburg, Florida.

You’ll bring your desires and intentions about what you’d like to get from the experience, which we’ll explore at the start. And then…

We play.

Leisurely walks on the beach or sitting on the sand, swimming in the ocean. We’ll have lovely conversations in nature each morning and afternoon.

We may go on a “field trip” that reflects your personal journey (surf lessons, dance class, a visit to an art museum) depending on your desires.

5 Day Coaching Creative Magic Immersive
This retreat will be similar to the 3 day experience, except…

On a fourth day we’ll go on a creative adventure to invite your muse and playfully stretch your creative expression through multiple mediums: writing, movement, voice.

You’ll create without an agenda to see what’s waiting to emerge, and then integrate it into your conscious creative choices. It’s an amazing way to recognize yourself as the artist of your own life.

Our final day will focus on celebration. Again, we’ll host a “party” designed just for you, and celebrate all that you are and the journey we’ve taken together.

The investment for these unique coaching retreats begins at $3,000 and does not include travel or accommodations. (They’re also available as remote experiences from the comfort of your own home, which I sometimes do by sliding scale.)

This is just the beginning of what’s possible in designing a retreat just for you or a small group of friends! I love thinking outside the box, so I’m open to possiblities that would make this even more amazing.
If you’re inspired, let’s talk! Shoot me an email and we’ll have a chat over coffee or tea, and create an experience that fills your heart with joy.

I can't wait!