The Creative Entrepreneur’s Journey of Impact and Income Through Playful (Un)Marketing and Authentic Service
 Dear Creator, 
Does something about your business feel “off?”

Doing business the way the experts say it’s supposed to be done – instead of your way – can lead you to a place where something just feels off.

Even when it’s “working.” That’s how you know.

If you’re not creating what you desire in your business right now, and you don’t see the results you’d like, clarity and focused intention will help.

But it might not look like what Business-As-Usual calls “clarity and focus.”

You get to follow the aliveness stirring within you and express it through your business according to your desire.

You don’t have to focus on just “One Thing.” (Unless you want to.)

You don’t have to target your customer avatar down to their age, hobbies and how often they use the bathroom. (But you can.)

You don’t have to create an offer focused on tangible outcomes and results. (Unless it feels right.)

This is the path of (Un)Marketing your business, letting go of the need to follow the rules, and giving yourself permission to follow what you know instead.
The secret to effortless flow in business is following your True Nature.

If you want an effortless flow of clients and work that lights you up, knowing you’re doing exactly what you’re designed to do, it requires following the flow of nature.

Most people are doing business (and life) from the outside-in.

This typically looks like:

  1. Determine your goal
  2. Identify your customer
  3. Choose a niche
  4. Craft your services, offers and message to achieve that goal

This isn't a bad thing. It works, as evidenced by the legions of people who create their businesses this way.

But it’s not conducive to ease, flow and authenticity.

You end up chasing external things in an attempt to find happiness, and seeking fulfillment in things that can never create what you’re looking for.

It can lead to misaligned choices and a feeling of emptiness, burnout in business, a sense of not fulfilling one’s purpose.

What if, instead, you create your business from the inside-out?

This is looking within, beginning with happiness and joy, and creating from it.

It invites you to start with the creation which is already emerging from you, to notice what is happening, and let life happen YOU.

We act as if business is separate from nature, but business arises from us.

Taoism speaks of a concept called wuwei, the way of nature. It is a condition of effortless action and inexertion.

There is no forcing required for a flower to blossom.

There is no efforting necessary for the ocean tides to flow in and out each day, and yet the impact of these actions is immense.

Your business is the same. Your life is the same.

So how do you “attract clients” from the inside-out?

Well, first, let go of the idea of “attracting clients.”

Start within yourself. If you would be attractive to the people you wish to serve, be attracted to them.

You’ve probably heard it said that if you want to be an interesting person, don’t try to be interesting. Be interested.

If you want to experience joy in your business, create with joy. Share with joy and let this be your marketing.

You will attract what you seek as you create it from within.

This is the best news ever when it comes to your business!

You get to play the game of creating the impact and income you desire with a journey of the very happiness, fulfillment and joy you seek.

With each roll of the dice, you’re already winning, whether you achieve your goal or not, because you’re in love with the journey.

You’re also far more likely to get better results when you’re fully engaged with the game of business, and more engagement means taking more actions. You tend to do better.

There are no guarantees, but you don’t need them when you’re already having fun.

You’ll know that your business is going with the grain when you’re going for what you want and playing full out, and you’d do it anyway, even if you never achieve what you’re after.

If that’s not happening and you’d like to do business from the Flow of nature and effortless creation, this is what’s on offer in playing with me... your authentic expression and impact through a joyful business that’s wholly and uniquely yours.
You're invited to join us for IMPACT: Playing the Game of a Soul-Led Business...
This is a container for everything I’ve learned about how to create a thriving business that feels good, and it’s come from the work and play I’ve done through hundreds of conversations with change-making entrepreneurs, as well as from my own experience.

Here’s what this experience is NOT:

  • A one-size-fits-all solution

  • A program that requires complicated technology or automations

  • A “proven formula” to teach you to do business and marketing my way

  • Manipulative psychological marketing tactics like scarcity and “agitating pain points”

This experience IS about creating your business, project or art as a wisdom-led, authentic expression of you.

All the experiments and activities we'll explore are relationship-based, designed for a playful flow of action and the dance of momentum in a business full of ease and joy.

More than anything, this is about a COMMUNITY of inspired creatives coming together to do something we cannot do alone.

Here's what you'll experience on your IMPACT Journey...
The IMPACT experience contains six modules which will be delivered as live experiences over 12 months starting in January 2024.

Each module follows the Dream - Design - Do - Reflect rhythm, intentionally created as an adventure you can enjoy again and again as an interactive learning experience.

Each Module includes:

  • Four weeks of self-study and live group meetings
  • 4x video/audio explorations for self study
  • 4x 60 minute group experiences for Q&A, co-working and inspiration
  • Access to the private community chat (not on social media!)
  • Community events, groups and buddy teams as we grow and expand

Because the IMPACT journey is cyclical, in the future you’ll be able to choose the perfect starting point for the season you’re in at the moment. This is not a step-by-step process; each module is designed to be enjoyed separately as a standalone experience.

IMPACT follows the natural flow of creation, with your wisdom as the navigator. 
The Six Modules of the IMPACT Journey Are:

Choose a “just right sized” milestone for your project and take it through to completion. Find the clarity and confidence you seek with inspired action.

Begins on January 17th. See the details here.
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Go deep into the foundations of what creates deep impact with clients and loved ones. Practice the simple ways to deepen your impact – even if you’re not a coach, therapist or healer. (Coming March 2024)
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Discover your authentic voice and your express heart’s message through clear, compelling content. Experiment with writing, speaking, video and image to find your creative flow. (Coming May 2024)
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Choose your own adventure in (Un)Marketing through a series of invitations, events, challenges and offers to create clients without hustle, hype or endless social media posting. (Coming July 2024)
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Turn your business into a game played by the rules of your choosing. Play your way to impact and income with a group of changemakers. (Coming September 2024)
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Hit pause to celebrate your accomplishments. Review, reflect and reassess your life and invite the inspired creation of what’s next. (Coming November 2024)
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There are two ways you can join us when our IMPACT Journey begins on January 17th:
Now here’s the really fun part…

This experience launches in January 2024, beginning with the CREATE module.

I’ll be running this with a group on a brand new membership platform. If you like hanging with me and the amazing creatives in my community, this invite is for you.

But because this is the first time, it will probably be a little clunky.

And we’re building a brand new community site, which will also be a little rough around the edges. (FYI – it’s not on social media or Mighty Networks, but something much, much, cooler!)

So I’m making an Outrageous Invitation for you to join me in this Love In Action journey at an amazing low price.

Get access to the IMPACT bundle as each is released over the next 12 months for only $123 per month.

I’m looking for people who are willing to help me work out the kinks and become the pioneer members of our new community space as we go through this experience together.

If you’re interested in jumping in early, you’ll also receive a BONUS FREE call in January to kick-off the New Year with my favorite intention setting and big dreaming activities – which are way better than New Year’s Resolutions.

Get Access to the IMPACT Journey
Buy the entire IMPACT Bundle – that’s access to all six modules as they are released in 2024 and beyond – for only $123 per month. You can take each module repeatedly in real-time with every group that goes through, or use it as self-study whenever you like.
Get the CREATE Module Only
Buy the only first module, CREATE, which will launch in January 2024, for just $222. You can see all the details of what's included in CREATE here.
How to know if IMPACT right for you...
Who is it for?

  • Creatives, entrepreneurs, coaches, healers and teams who create a positive impact in the world.

  • You have a business (or want one!) or creative project you’d like to share and promote.

  • You like the idea of growing your business through personal and collective transformational experiences.

  • You just don't jive with typical business and marketing trainings because they feel hypey, pushing and inauthentic.

  • You find joy and support in sharing with a like-minded community of changemakers.

Who isn't it for?

  • Entrepreneurs who want to keep pushing hard and working long hours.

  • You aren’t interested in slowing down, reflecting and finding ease (and play) at work.

  • You want someone to tell you what to do and sell you a “proven” system to do it.

  • You aren’t interested in showing up ready to take action and reflect on your experience with a group of peers.

  • You're expecting this membership to be a perfect experience that delivers all the answers. Nope. This is going to be imperfectly delivered, real and impactful.
Here's what community members are saying...

“You gave me the permission slip to have fun, make money & limitlessly create. Hot damn this is living!!!”

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Sherryl Perry Gilligan
Yoga Nature
“The exploration. The answering of previously unconsidered questions. A space full of like minded souls. Stephanie's beautiful energy, exuberance and thoughtful ponderings provides space for things to come through me.”

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Clare Downham
Queen of Calm
Hi! I'm Steph.
Stephanie Benedetto - Coach, Storyteller (Un)Marketer and lovable geek. Lover of dragons and impossible questions. Inappropriately joyful.
I help transformative coaches, change-making entrepreneurs and their teams create the change they wish to see in the world and share their heart’s message with playful (Un)Marketing -- no hustle, hype of endless social media required.

I call myself a coach, storyteller, community catalyst and (Un)Marketer, but these are just some of the labels I play with.

Business is a game that can be played by your rules, and you can PLAY your way to a thriving, profitable business that changes the world.

I've coached both solopreneurs and multi-million dollar businesses, and my businesses have been featured on The Huffington Post, Fox Business News, Vox and numerous publications on and offline.

I'm a 6/2 Emotional Projector according to Human Design, ENFP per Myers Briggs, Enneagram Type 2, and a triple water sign (Pisces/Cancer/Cancer) with a thing for dragons, wolves and impossible questions.
My Story of Life Reinvention and Creating a Business I Love
I had the loving marriage, the house, the business.

It should have been perfect. But it was someone else’s idea of a perfect life.

Not once in over three decades of living had I ever stopped to ask, “What do I want?”

I followed all the commandments of Business As Usual and soaked up the How To’s and the Systems of internet marketing.

I mastered the rules of persuasive sales copy and email marketing. I became the queen of content marketing, the princess of the product launch, the mistress of the action strategy.

I used what I learned to bootstrap two 6-figure businesses, create and sell marketing courses to thousands of entrepreneurs, earn over $1 million in sales, and coach both solo-preneurs and multi-million dollar corporations.

I got certified as a Master Practitioner of NLP, Master NLP Coach, Master Hypnotherapist and Master Time Line Therapy®️ Practitioner and NLP Trainer.

Yeah, I knew how to write copy and spin messaging that sells.

But here’s the thing:

None of that felt like ME. It wasn’t my business. It wasn’t my life.

I was choosing from the limited options placed before me and selecting from the roles other people wanted me to fill.

I’ve come to believe that the best reason to master the rules is so that you can learn to break them. Ruthlessly.

So I completely dismantled my life.

I said goodbye to my marriage of 17 years to a man I still love.

I stepped away from my online business to travel the world by myself and dive into the Unknown.

I let go of everything I knew about who I thought I was.

I’m not going to bullshit you and tell you that it was easy. It brought me to my knees more than a few times.

What I’ve learned (am still learning) is that my way of living and doing business doesn’t look like anyone else’s. It’s not supposed to.

It’s weird and fun. It flows with ease, even in the most challenging moments, because there isn’t anything I’d rather be more than ME.

I’m here to awaken the changemakers – coaches, healers, thought leaders, conscious entrepreneurs – to the Love and Truth of what they really are, enabling them to create businesses as an expression of their joy that ripples out in waves of awakening in new technologies, economies and services that care for all beings and this planet.
Here's more of what people are saying...
Steph is a rule-breaker and a wild untamed soul. She has a gift of ‘tickling your soul’ and that you may or may not like, but it’s a gift as what it does is magical. What she offers is her pure presence which is a ‘space/ invitation’ to break all your made-up rules. And what opens up from that space beyond all rules is a sheer fun playful exploration of life & business from the inside out.

Muddassir Altaf, Coach, Writer & Life Explorer
The journey with Steph is magical. It’s supportive and inspiring. A journey of companionship, reflection and liberation. It’s fun, collaborative, surprising, mysterious and spontaneous. And dragons! It’s safe to wonder and to really look within at myself. It’s safe to express that. It’s safe to dream. It’s safe to see my silly things. It’s safe to be witnessed.

Samantha Fisher
What makes this different from other programs?

This is an experiential journey, rather than lectures or information. It’s deliberately light on information and heavier on experiment  and exploration because this is what sparks insight and transformation.

Because it’s experiential in nature, it’s designed to be a continuous learning experience you can revisit whenever you’d like to see something new about this specific topic. Since your experience is always new, this will always be something new to see.

How much time will this take?

The weekly guided self-study and live sessions will require 90 minutes each week.  Some of the modules may have additional co-working sessions or events which will support your progress. It's likely you'll want to allocate another 1-2 hours per week.

However, this experience isn't intended to put more on your plate, but rather to inspire creativity, action and momentum. When you're immersed in creation, the thought, "I don't have time for this," evaporates. Space and energy you didn't know  you had shows up as you drop the pressure and fall into the flow with creation. In other words, don't let the fear of a time commitment stop you from creating your life now!

What if I can’t attend all the sessions live?

Our live sessions will be recorded and you can follow along from home at whatever time works for you. If you can attend live, you'll get the extra benefit of connecting with other community members, but there's still plenty to experience, enjoy and ignite your creation.

I’m trying to minimize my screentime. Is this course going to work for me?

I hear you! Many of my clients and students feel the same, so I’ve created the self-guided lessons to be enjoyed by audio (no screen required) and  recommend attending the live zooms on your phone with no video. This way you can move and even enjoy nature during our time together.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

If you participate in each week and complete the assignments, and aren’t satisfied, just send me an email with a description of exactly what you did, and I’ll give you a 100% refund within 60 days of purchase. This gives you time to complete at least one experience to make sure IMPACT is you.

This experience WILL take energy, time and focus on your part. I can’t do that for you, but I’m committed to making sure you have the support you need to make it happen.

How does the buddy program work?

Having an IMPACT buddy is optional, but highly recommended. Everyone who chooses a buddy will be assigned a new partner each week. Your job will be to check in with each other via email, zoom, phone or chat in the community. All you have to do is ask how it’s going and if they need any support. Simply having someone in your corner makes a surprisingly huge difference when it comes to getting things done with ease!

How long will I have access to the program?

You’ll have lifetime access to the videos and audio, as well as the ability to participate in the experience whenever we run it live. You can also download the videos and keep them to enjoy whenever you like.

I only see one module available now. When will the other IMPACT modules be ready?

My intention is to release a new module every two months, so all modules will be completed by the end of 2024. The dates and times of each module are to be determined and changes will likely happen along the way. I appreciate your patience and support in creating this new community journey!
Join Today and get instant access!
CREATE Module Only
For changemaking entrepreneurs and creatives to kickstart momentum on a project
one-time payment

CREATE Module 
Private community (not on social media!)
Community events, groups and buddy teams for 60 days

Upgrade to the IMPACT membership any time.
IMPACT Membership
For change-making entrepreneurs and creatives playing the game of impact and income 
$123 monthly
no commitment, cancel any time

 CREATE Module
Private community (not on social media!)
Community events, groups and buddy teams
Access to all events and live group participation

Monthly payments for access to everything available. Join a live group any time!
What people say about playing with Steph...
“Steph created order and simplified my path in a creative, playful and exciting way. She gave me permission to slow down, create space, and receive what I needed to in order to move forward- which helped me gain crazy amounts of clarity and focus. She helped me remove that pressure by going inwards and challenged me to play with this theme in my life and work as ‘experiments.’ It was an awesome adventure where at times I really wasn't sure where we were going yet we always ended up exactly where we needed to. Her method to play and invite in possibility ultimately helped me create more flow and ease.
Lisa Laura Creative Consulting
You're invited to join us for a joyful experience of Impact and Income.
Are you in?

If you have any questions, email me here. I'm happy to help you know what you know. This is an unusual offer that won’t be the right fit for everyone.

Thanks for taking the time to read and consider this! You are the best you EVER. :)

Yours in love and play,