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Jeff Kelton & Stephanie Benedetto Present...
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ReEnchanting the World
How to Boost Your Creativity and Well-Being While Serving the Planet
March 15th
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Zoom call at 11am PST / 2pm EST / 6pm CST
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Stephanie Benedetto
Coach, Storyteller & (Un)Marketer
The Awakened Business

Stephanie Benedetto helps coaches, healers and transformational entrepreneurs unleash their irresistible message and attract soulmate clients with playful (un)marketing, no hype or hustle required.


Transformational Coach Global Walkabouts ™

Jeff Kelton is now a sought-after guide for leaders, truth-seekers, and creatives. He empowers individuals to tap into their "Inner GPS" and find greater peace and purpose in their journey.

By the end of our time together, you’ll have a direct experience of:
What keeps us feeling disconnected and how to reestablish and deepen your connection to yourself and the world
How to find real-time guidance for your life in any moment
A simple 5 minute exercise to discover insights for yourself and make a difference to the planet right away
How to open the gateway to an enchanted world and reconnect with your inner child
Please join us in the unique call to action that can up level the health and well-being of all sentient beings and our beloved planet.
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