Hey, there! My name is Stephanie Benedetto Padovani. (Friends call me Steph.)
I work with entrepreneurs, teachers and experts to light the world on fire with the power of an awakened business.

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Stephanie Padovani

Stephanie Benedetto Padovani

I believe you’re here for a reason. You have a purpose, a job to do, one that you’ve chosen.

What is it you want to bring into the world? What difference do you want to make?

I love business because at in its highest form, it’s a vehicle for the transformation of this reality. But what I’m really interested in is empowering entrepreneurs to play the game of life full out, without holding anything back, so they can experience the joy they were meant for.

I also help you communicate your message without sounding like a nut job.

You’re an expert. You look at the world differently. Your vocabulary is filled with esoteric language and arcane concepts that can make people’s eyes glaze over.

What you’re doing isn’t easy to communicate because no one’s done it before, least of all you!

My mission is to help you bring your calling into the world through your business in a real and practical way that’s completely in alignment with your purpose. That’s what I call an “awakened business.”

You have a big vision. It’s inspiring. It’s going to change the world.

You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t serious about making a difference. But there are a few challenges that come along with having a Big, Hairy, Audacious Purpose like yours…

Stephanie and her husband Jeff with their two lovelies

Stephanie and her husband Jeff with their lovelies

Challenge #1 – How do you communicate something that’s just so big in a way that connects with people?

Challenge #2 – How do you make your purpose into a real, profitable business that reaches more people and makes a difference?

Challenge #3 – How do you build that business without burning yourself out or compromising your values?

I’m here to tell you that you CAN do all these things. In fact, each challenge provides the necessary friction that will transform your purpose into the manifestation of what it wants to be.

What you have to share is too important to be stalled by challenges. You’re here to overcome them, and I’m here to help make that inevitable.

“You are an empowered teacher, called to manifest your purpose through the sacred vehicle of an awakened business.” – Stephanie Benedetto Padovani

About Me

I’ve been obsessed with purpose ever since I can remember. I swear I was born asking questions about why I’m here and what I’m meant to do. (Pretty articulate for a newborn, eh?)

That question followed me through an early childhood in the Catholic Church and the Pentecostal Christian community, and even into my teenage rebellion against religion in all forms.

Stephanie eats as many blueberries as she picks.

Stephanie eats as many blueberries as she picks.

I’ve explored Buddhism, Vedanta, yoga and energy psychology, always in search for an answer to that question, “What am I and what am I here to do?”

In my twenties, I developed an equally passionate obsession with business. After escaping from my first job in the corporate world of IBM, I was baptized in the entrepreneurial spirit by my partner, Jeff.

I fell in love with marketing communication and the powerful creative vehicle of business. I geeked out on sales copywriting, email marketing, the psychology of learning, product launches, and internet marketing strategies. I became the queen of content marketing, the princess of the product launch, the mistress of the action strategy.

And still the question haunted me. “What am I here to do?”

I was afraid to include my spiritual side inside my business. I thought no one would understand or take me seriously. Business people didn’t care about those things. Did they?

Then I began to notice entrepreneurs who were desperate for deeper meaning in their lives and businesses. They wanted to include purpose in a business conversation.

One day something woke up inside of me and I realized:

My purpose has been with me all along; it is exactly what I’m choosing to do in every moment.

I started to imagine a world where spirituality didn’t just co-exist with business; they would integrate, creating a business that’s fully alive, fueled by purpose and an extension of spirituality.

Not only was it possible for such a business to exist, it would be even more profitable and make more of a difference!

That’s an Awakened Business.

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“Let the beauty you love be what you do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” – Rumi

Wedding MBA 2014: Stephanie just before hitting the stage at the Wedding MBA.

Stephanie just before hitting the stage at the Wedding MBA.

Why Working With Me Is Different

Integrate the sacred with your business.

I have a foot firmly planted in both the world of spirituality and the world of business. While I lead from a place of purpose, I wouldn’t dream of giving up strategic action. These are my twin loves.

My experience in EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy), Kundalini yoga and meditation, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), coaching and various energy psychology techniques combines with my experience in copywriting, internet marketing and sales in one power package.

I’m a certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Master NLP Coach, Master Hypnotherapist and Master Time Line Therapy ®️ Practitioner and NLP Trainer.

I’ve bootstrapped two businesses to six figures, and I’ve coached both solo-preneurs and multi-million dollar corporations. My businesses and articles have been featured on The Huffington Post, Fox Business News, Vox and numerous publications on and offline.

This gives me a unique ability to identify, honor and clarify your life purpose, and then help you manifest it in the “real world” as a business. You get to work with an intuitive coach and pick a marketer’s brain, too. Lucky you.

Communicate your message with power and focus.

It can be difficult to anchor your big vision and communicate it in a way that connects with your audience so they “get” who you are and what you do. The experts I work with really know their stuff (that’s what makes them experts) which means they often think about these concepts on a higher level than the rest of us mortals.

I’m a professional writer, teacher and speaker with a gift for honing in on your uniqueness and expressing it in an accessible way. When you speak, certain words “jump out” at me because they connect to your purpose and truth. Together, we craft the languaging for your work in a way that’s completely one-of-a-kind, compelling and easy to understand for the people you want to help.

Get a purpose-driven, inspired plan of action.

You have a vision; I want to help you manifest it. My superpower is taking that big vision of yours and grounding in into a step by step plan of action that honors your life purpose and the spirit of the work you bring into the world.

An inspired action plan plugs you into the source of your power and inspiration in a way that multiplies the power of your actions by 1,000x. You’re clear about why you’re doing what you’re doing, and that propels you forward with almost effortless momentum.

When you infuse your purpose into a strategic action plan and your marketing message, the right people understand what you’re doing immediately. You don’t have to educate them about it. They’re on board and ready to change the world with you.

Be supported by positivity and light-hearted reverence.

I am the eternal optimist. I believe that nothing is impossible. Really.

While I’m serious about my commitment to the sacred purpose you bring to the world and consider it the highest honor to assist you, I insist that we have fun in the process. We hold both the urgency of your calling and a playful spirit in our adventure together.

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