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I woke up one morning with the Talking Heads song in my head.

“This is not my beautiful life. This is not my beautiful house!”

I had the loving marriage, the house, the business.

It should have been perfect. But it was someone else’s idea of a perfect life.

Not once in over three decades of living had I ever stopped to ask, “What do I want?”

I followed all the commandments of Business As Usual and soaked up the How To’s and the Systems of internet marketing.

I mastered the rules of persuasive sales copy and email marketing. I became the queen of content marketing, the princess of the product launch, the mistress of the action strategy.

I used what I learned to bootstrap two 6-figure businesses, create and sell marketing courses to thousands of entrepreneurs, earn over $1 million in sales, and coach both solo-preneurs and multi-million dollar corporations.

I got certified as a Master Practitioner of NLP, Master NLP Coach, Master Hypnotherapist and Master Time Line Therapy®️ Practitioner and NLP Trainer.

I became an expert at teaching what I know in an easy step-by-step process to communicate a powerful message that attracts clients.

I combined my experience in EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy), Kundalini yoga and meditation, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), coaching and various energy psychology techniques with my experience in copywriting, internet marketing and sales into one power package.

Yeah, I can write copy and spin messaging that sells like hotcakes.

But here’s the thing:

None of that felt like ME. It wasn’t my business. It wasn’t my life.

I was choosing from the limited options placed before me and selecting from the roles other people wanted me to fill.

I’ve come to believe that the best reason to master the rules is so that you can learn to break them. Ruthlessly.

So I completely dismantled my life.

I said goodbye to my marriage of 16 years to a man I still love.

I stepped away from my online business to travel the world by myself and dive into the Unknown.

I let go of everything I knew about who I thought I was.

Stephanie Benedetto Padovani,
Wild Creation Coach & Alchemist of Joyful Business

I’m not going to bullshit you and tell you that it was easy. It brought me to my knees more than a few times.

What I’ve learned (am still learning) is that my way of living and doing business doesn’t look like anyone else’s. It’s not supposed to.

It’s weird and fun. It flows with ease, even in the most challenging moments, because there isn’t anything I’d rather be more than ME.

I’ve discovered my Genius and looked into my Shadow, integrating them in a profound way that expresses my deepest purpose in the world…allowing me to deliver immense value and make money in the process.

I get to play my favorite game, “Let’s Make Money Together,” with inspiring entrepreneurs every single day by drawing out their Genius and articulating it in an authentic message their soulmate clients find absolutely irresistible.

I’ve made it my mission to inspire and amplify the Wild Creations of 1 million entrepreneurs on fire with purpose, so everyone can create themselves with wild abandon.

Blueberries: Stephanie eats as many blueberries as she picks.

 Stephanie eats as many blueberries as she picks.

The most important lesson about the journey into Being Myself?

I had stop pretending NOT to be what I really am. I had to stop hiding. I had to stop chasing the “shoulds.”

I had to acknowledge my Shadow and (even scarier) the Gold that lies beyond, and be willing to let you see it.

What are you pretending not to be?

What are you, really?

Are you a witch, bitch, shaman, freak, slut, magician, asshole?

Are you an angel, healer, monk, guru, prophet, king, goddess, rockstar?

What if you reclaim and own ALL of you and create your reality…instead of living a poor imitation of someone else’s?

It’s time to design your Wild Creation.

Click here and tell me what inspires you, and let’s hop on a call to see what we can create. Let the adventure begin!

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Steph’s Quirks, Flaws & Loves

I’m a 6/2 Emotional Projector according to Human Design, ENFP per Myers Briggs, Enneagram Type 2, and a triple water sign (Pisces/Cancer/Cancer.)

My fantasy is to be the love child of Alan Watts, Michael Neill and Neil Gaiman. Yes, I recognize that they’re all male — I’ll just let the Universe figure out how to pull that off.

I have a thing for dragons, wolves and dandelion tea with coconut milk.

Drawing By: Lydia Jansen 

I love big questions (imponderables) so much that I’d marry them if I could. No, really.

I have a weird habit of leaving cabinets ajar and leave rooms full of open doors in my wake. I’m both physically and spiritually challenged by folding the laundry.

While I’ve spoken before crowds of thousands and was the Mistress of Ceremonies at over 1,000 weddings, I still sometimes feel nervous about asking for help in a department store.

If you’re lucky, you’ll see a mini-version of my patented happy dance (I’ve been told I dance like Eileen from Seinfeld) during a coaching session. And I will most definitely break into spontaneous song lyrics at some point.

“This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it’s play.” – Alan Watts

“I have no idea how to do this. Let’s play!” – Steph on any given day

“Let the beauty you love be what you do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” – Rumi

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