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One sentence business plan for coaches

Could it really be that simple?

I’m a fan of Rich Litvin, author of The Prosperous Coach and coach for high achievers.

He’s bold and vulnerable, communicates powerfully and is always up for trying (and failing at) something new. I may not always agree, but I appreciate his enthusiasm for being his relentless self.

He shares his one sentence business plan, the simplicity of which keeps him focused on his zone of genius.

“Have conversations with interesting people.”

He’s a coach and that’s what he does.

He creates clients through powerful conversations with people who inspire him. Whether it’s one-on-one or a group setting, that’s really all he does.

It can be so easy to get caught up creating snappy headlines, complicated funnels and smart marketing tactics.

A one sentence business plan is simple.

If you could make money — and love it — doing one simple thing, what would it be?

One of my multi-talented clients does everything from photography to cleaning houses to decorating for parties. Her one sentence business plan might be:

“Make things pretty.”

It’s simply what she does.

It’s so natural. Making it her business plan is refreshingly, beautifully clear and simple.

I started thinking about my one sentence plan.

What would you LOVE to create your business around?

It came to me with a such a rush of wonder and gratitude that I’m thinking, “Can I possibly do that? Would life be so amazing that I get to do THAT?”

My one sentence business plan is:

“Tell stories with inspiring people.”

I love people. Being with them, reading the story of their Genius, Shadow and Gold, makes me come alive.

I see the possibilities of where their story might go hanging in the air around them, ripe and ready for the choosing.

I love asking questions that help them choose the next adventure in the story they writing with every breath.

The word “story” for me is more than an account of a series of events for entertainment or educational purposes.

Every thought is a story.

The meaning is always made up, and the thoughts we engage generate our experience of reality.

I love weaving thoughts as stories to inspire the creation of what we desire.

The idea of “making a living” by telling stories with inspiring people fills my heart with joy and brings tears to my eyes.

If you could choose one…

What’s your one sentence business plan?

What you aspire to be is what the universe is conspiring to create with you.

That is the gift you’re here to be.