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Some days I know that what I’m doing matters. On these days, I can clearly see the impact of my actions and life is good.

Other days, I doubt myself. I wonder, “Am I really helping these people? Am I making a difference?”

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Then I remember a deeper truth. It’s said that the Tao does nothing, and yet nothing is left undone.

How is this possible? The Universe doesn’t worry about whether it’s doing the right thing or if it’s making a difference. It can’t be said to “do” anything at all, at least not in the way human beings understand it. There’s no written business plan, no To Do List, no agenda.

And yet look at what happens every day! The sun rises, it sets. Babies are born. Nothing is left undone.

Nothing is Left Undone

I don’t have to do anything to prove my worth. The deeper truth is that I make a difference just by being.

You don’t have to do anything at all, beautiful one. All you have to do is show up and everything is done.

Let’s remember this together, shall we?