It’s been clear for a while that what used to work for me in business — the hustle, the formula, the relentless grind — just isn’t working anymore.

Lately I’ve been asking myself…

What else is possible?

An interesting development:

It turns out I’m what’s called a “Projector” in Human Design. These interesting creatures make up about 20% of the population and are (supposedly) not designed for work.

Now that’s going to go over well with parents/teachers/society who taught me to “work hard to earn success.” *insert sarcasm here*

The strategy for a Projector’s success is to “be recognized” and “wait for the invitation.”

According to the wisdom of Human Design, I’ve been doing it wrong most of my life.

I’m supposed to wait to be invited, and never, ever, ever initiate.

So much for my favorite quote, “Just do it!”

(In case you’re interested, Human Design is a system based on the date, time and location of your birth that describes your individual “design” for living.)

Now, I’m not about to blindly accept any set of rules, no matter how many people promote them. Hell, no.

But there’s something about this that rings true.

For years I’ve said, “You have to invite me in,” to friends and associates, as if I’m a vampire who needs to be invited to cross the threshold before entering. While I was joking, it’s never felt right to initiate conversations with strangers at networking events or shove business cards at people.

I always thought that was because I lacked confidence or had “limiting beliefs” about promoting myself, and I’ve made myself do it anyway.

Then I reflect on what HAS worked best for me in the world of marketing: content marketing, answering questions, nurturing relationships via email and thank you notes.

These are all “waiting-for-the-invitation style” forms of promotion. Not ballsy, hardcore selling.

I wonder…

What if there’s a way to market my business that’s easy, effective and natural for me?

I wonder if I can discover a path to an Aligned Marketing Plan that I can test on myself and then teach to others?


My 30 Day Crazy Marketing Plan was born.

The premise: I will test four different marketing approaches, one for each week, and document the process.

Week #1 — I’m going to do it all WRONG (according to my Human Design type.) Lots of inviting, initiating, busting my butt, making offers, and selling all the time.

Week #2 — I’m going to market like a Projector: waiting for recognition and invitations before selling, going at a slower pace.

Week #3 — I’m going to ditch marketing altogether and simply tell stories. (I’m particularly excited about this one!)

Week #4 — I’ll do “Intuitive Marketing,” following whatever I’m lead to do. It might be “typical” selling one day, story-telling the next, or even nothing at all.

And I wonder, I really wonder, what I’ll learn?

My hunch is that even if Human Design is a bunch of bunk-o…

Marketing (and living and doing and being) in the Flow of my intuition and inspiration will be much more effective and fun than trying to do it the way someone else says it’s supposed to be done.

Even if those “someone elses” happen to make a lot more money than me.

I also suspect that simply investing the additional time and attention into my marketing is going to boost my bottom line, regardless. DUH.

On top of that…

Whatever I learn from this experiment, I’m going to turn around and use it to help YOU and my clients.

The fact that this type of experiment is my idea of a good time is just icing on the cake. 🙂

One thing I know for sure:

I’m done doing things they way they’re “supposed” to be done. I’m ready to find my way of doing them.

What do you think? Is this crazy or inspired?