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Let’s talk about what it takes to really come ALIVE in your business with all the good stuff: money, impact, fun.

When things aren’t so hot, our first instinct is (usually) to look for answers “out there.” 

There are easily hundreds of gurus within arms reach who are happy to sell you their solution. Not to mention your friends and connections who likely have very strong opinions about what you should be doing.

I’ve made it my life mission to sniff out the genius in people, understand how they see the world, and to spot the path of possibilities unfolding for them right from this moment.

And that’s the key: it happens from this moment, HERE and NOW.

Your next step toward the creation of your wildest dreams doesn’t come from out there; it comes from inside you. 

And it’s already happening.

Before you tell me, “Steph, that’s crazy. My dream is big and SO far away! I don’t even know where to begin. How could it possibly be happening now?” 

Let me show you the clues to uncover what’s so obvious to me that most people seem to miss.

You are bursting with the aliveness of possibilities, co-creating with the universe in every moment. 

It’s like there’s a magical Conveyor Belt of Possibilities carrying every thought you can imagine whizzing by you right now; all you have to do is reach up and pick the one you want.

Trouble is, you probably have a habit of thought (or two) that keeps you from seeing the new creative thought that’s available.

(I’m like a bloodhound on the scent of this stuff, and it’s so fun to track it!)

But in case you’re a little befuddled, let me show you how to tune into this for yourself.

First, you’ve gotta quiet down. It’s hard to hear anything over the racket of your habitual thought, especially if it’s something that looks “serious,” like, I don’t know…making money in your business.

Take 60 seconds right now to close your eyes and notice your body. Notice your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and just breathe.


Cool. Did you notice the space? Even a little bit?

(If you’re really caught up in your thoughts, maybe it was hard to feel, but you can probably sense that it’s available, even if you didn’t fully land in it.)

That space inside you is where your guidance comes from, and when you settle down out of your panicked, frustrated thinking, it opens up naturally. 

There has to be SPACE for a fresh thought to drop into.

So the first thing I do with client-playmates is help them settle down so that they can feel the gorgeous space of creation inside them. 

Once you’re calm, you can start following the clues.

#1 – What inexplicably draws you? What are you curious about?

This is happening in the moment and it’s how the universe guides to the next step. It’s a gentle and often quiet curiosity.

You know that person you’ve been meaning to connect with? Or the thing you’ve been wanting to learn about?

It’s like that. Small, simple and playful. You’ll feel your body light up when you find it.

This isn’t hard for me to discover with a little bit of poking around. It’s so alive in you already, you see!

#2 – What’s your “Someday what I’d REALLY love to do is…” wish?

Almost everyone has one. It’s that Big Idea you’ll do “someday” when you make enough money, after the kids are grown, when you know more, blah, blah, blah.

Someday never comes. Unless it’s today.

Your Someday Idea is drawing you. What if you ditch all the thoughts you’ve made up about what you need to do first, and play with it, just a little bit?

That’s what we’ll do together, but you can do it on your own right now. Let yourself open into that space and have a wonder or two about it.

#3 – What teeny-tiny too-easy action can you take in this direction right now?

I’m talking TINY.

Something like actually taking a moment to ask yourself these questions and write down what comes to you. (Yes, that was a hint.)

Or doing a quick Google search.

Or asking a question in a FB group.

As soon as you get into motion, the universe conspires to bring about your creation. You get feedback and things are moving. The next action appears, then the next, and pretty soon you’ve got this awesome thing called MOMENTUM, which carries you all on its own.

Can you imagine what would happen if you took even the tiniest action in the direction of your desires every day?


This is the secret recipe that you already know. You use it every single day to create your life; it’s just the areas you “take seriously” that get heavy and noisy and clouded.

So get quiet and see what you notice from inside. Take a few moments to ponder these questions, and do what occurs to you.

I would absolutely LOVE to play this game of creating with you in your business.

I have an unbelievably creative and fun 1:1 coaching and messaging journey for coaches, healers and changemaking entrepreneurs. We’ll play together over 3-6 months to create a business you never need a vacation from that’s earning consistent income and client flow.

We’ll craft the irresistible offers and messaging to attract your soulmate clients with ease, and discover your way of sharing it with playful (un)marketing. No hype of endless social media posting required.

I’ve got copywriting chops and messaging mojo, plus my Wildspire Messaging program to pull it altogether…but the real magic happens through tapping your inner wisdom and knowing that you’re okay whether business is up or down. 

This journey is best for those who are also writers, speakers and teachers who’re creating books, courses and/or retreat experiences. If this sounds interesting, contact me here and we’ll have a chat to see if it’s a match.

Yours in creative play,