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I had a very serious face when I was a little girl. People used to say, “Why are you so serious?”

So I started smiling. People seemed more comfortable with that.

It was a habit I’ve cultivated all my life; looking for what people wanted and giving it to them, so that I could be acknowledged.

Chasing the acknowledgement that can never be given.

Truth? I choose to give myself the acknowledgement and approval I seek.

Watch this video:

You are noticed and loved.

You are significant.

You are remembered.

I see you and know your presence and power.

Be who you are. Acknowledge your power.

Step into your destiny, the one you create with every choice starting in this moment.

Give yourself the acknowledgement you so lovingly and expertly give to others.

You are worthy, significant, powerful, genius, magic.

Be it.

Give to yourself that which you seek and all will be given to you.

Bow before your power and own it.

What will you choose?