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I’m guilty, too.

Watch my confession here:

For years I’ve been working as a business coach and internet marketer. I’m damn good at breaking things down into actionable steps, hatching results-oriented strategies and wordsmithing a killer headline.

I’m the Queen of the Action Strategy.

But secretly, I’ve been keeping my best stuff hidden.

I’ve been a deeply spiritual person since I was a little girl. Even as I discovered my passion for marketing in adulthood, that never changed.

I just stopped talking about it. Especially in my business.

I believe that business IS a sacred vehicle for making in a difference in the world.

But I was afraid to tell anyone. It seemed to hokey, too “out there.” Real business people don’t talk about that stuff, did they?

If I told my “regular” business clients that I believe they have a sacred purpose in the world, they’d think I was crazy. Right?

I’ve come to believe that your hidden gold can be found in the shadows.

The things we hide are the very keys to standing out, communicating our vision, and making a bigger impact.

What are you secretly dying to share with the world? What’s the thing you’ve been afraid to reveal?

Go there. Write there. Live there.