In marketing and business, they say you must know your Why and shout it from the rooftops.

Proclaim your beliefs. Gather your tribe. Lead the way.

What can I write from the platform of “I don’t know?”

It’s not that I don’t have beliefs — oh, I certainly do! Humans have a knack for grabbing onto thoughts, calling them beliefs, and building an identity out of that house of cards.

I’m really good at that, too.

I can tell you what I believe. I can tell you how it looks to me.

But I won’t do it in a way that insists I am right.

I like to trick myself into creating things by saying, “Oh, I don’t know what I’m doing.”

And it really feels that way, as if I don’t know. It’s like I’m engaged in a dance without knowing the next step.

Other people, learned people, say, “You DO know what you’re doing, Stephanie.”

This also seems true.

The way I know what I’m doing is by dancing with this I-don’t-know-ness.

Which is what I’m doing right now.

When you speak to your tribe, speak your truth. Tell them what you see.

Spin stories that share the insights you learn.

Create and go and do and be whatever you desire, and let that urge lead you.

If you’re led to create rules and systems, erect monuments, dictate the law of what is…do that.

(I won’t follow them, but I will love your brilliance and you for daring to share it.)

The dance I’m doing now is for those who wish to abandon the rules and the known. At least for a while.

Let’s be led by the fickle muse of inspiration who comes and goes as she pleases, demanding nothing less than absolute trust as she takes us by the hand into the Unknown.

Living without a net.

Living beyond right and wrong, good and bad. And living with them, too.

I’m not going to pretend to “get” how it is so that you can feel better. (Or so that I can feel better.)

I don’t “get” life and pray that I never will.

A friend of mine was asking me questions to understand my process. (It was an NLP thing.) She had a driving need to figure things out and know exactly what it was she was doing.

“I love asking questions that I cannot answer,” I told her.

“So what happens if you get the answer?” she asked.

I laughed. “I ask a new impossible question.”

How many impossible questions can I ask of the Universe that allow it to eternally reveal itself to me in new ways?

I don’t “get it,” but I’m getting things all the time.

It means embracing change beyond what most people are comfortable with. Hell, it means embracing change beyond what I’m comfortable with, much of the time.

It invites a willingness to let go of what I’m seeing in order to see something new.

It’s what I’m called to do because it’s a joy for me. 

Right now, it means finding a different way of connecting with you that doesn’t require a fixed set of beliefs about how business and marketing should be done.

I want to know your way of being. I want to help you dance with that.

If you knew what your way of being in business was…

…what would you know?

That is endlessly fascinating to me.

So if you want to explore the adventure of being you — whether that involves rules or not — let’s hang out and see where it takes us.

I’m curious and excited and inspired to see what happens next.

Yours in creative play,