I’ve been thinking about what really creates SOULMATE clients…the ones who are as excited as you are to be working together.

(Picture the two of you running across a field towards each other, arms outstretched, made-for-each-other kinda connection. )

Today, one of my brand new client-playmates told me she’s IN for my beta-program (yes!) let out an adorable little squeal and said:

“I’m SO EXCITED to work with you! I want clients like that!”

I’m blessed that this happens for me all the time, but it wasn’t always the case.

Back when I was a newbie coach, my clients were all over the map. A few were a perfect match, but most of them just…weren’t.

One never completed any of the tasks he agreed to and consistently blew off appointments without apologizing. Another had a husband who showed up like a bodyguard at every session, often speaking for her.

(Yeah, I should have broken up with them immediately, but I was a major people-pleaser back then. Cut me some slack. 🙂 ) 

Some of my mistakes that attracted the wrong clients:

  • I wasn’t clear about who my ideal clients were and so couldn’t mention that in my invitation to talk about working with me. That meant anyone and everyone could (and did) show up.
  • I had discovery call style conversations and created offers based on the needs of the people who showed up, instead of what I loved and was good at. It often meant doing things I didn’t even like (running Facebook ads, ghost-writing ebooks and teaching how to use WordPress.) 
  • I overrode my gut instinct and accepted clients who didn’t match my services and style.
  • I was reluctant to turn people away because I knew that I could help anyone, and thought it was my obligation to do so. *cringe* I did help them, sort of, but it was like pulling teeth and we both would have been better served if they’d found a suitable match.

Now, if you’re in the beginning of your coaching or consulting journey, it’s totally normal to be unclear about your ideal clients because you haven’t worked with them yet. You’ll need to do some experimenting, gain experience and discover who they are in the process.

Don’t beat yourself up about it. Realize that it will take time.

But if you deliver results and have worked with at least some of your ideal clients in the past, you can absolutely attract your soulmate clients.

If you want clients who show up excited and engaged to work with you, and who feel good about paying you, this is how to do it:

#1 – Create offers and services designed so you do what you love your way, that are joyfully priced.

Don’t make the common mistake of serving the needs of others before considering your own. Be clear about exactly who you love working with and what you love to do.

Only promote joyful offers. Ditch the rest.

 #2 – Make it clear in every message specifically who your soulmate client is and specifically what you do for them.

If you work with new coaches trying to get their first client, say so.

If you work with entrepreneurs who are already making six figures, make it clear.

If you work with single moms who want to start a side hustle, tell them.

Then get even MORE specific. 

What is it about your soulmate clients that makes them ideal? 

They come to you with certain beliefs, skills and experience. They are uniquely suited to get the best results with you. 

Spell it all out in your social media posts, on your website and in your ads. Don’t wait till a discovery call to tell them.

#3 – Make sure potential clients are familiar with your process — that’s HOW you do what you do — before you even talk to them.

Your soulmate clients will love your process as much as they love the results you get. But you might get people who aren’t a good match if they don’t know what your process is beforehand.

For instance, I help coaches, healers and change-makers attract leads and clients by creating transformational content. 

Someone who hates writing or speaking isn’t going to get the best results with me. My soulmate clients are also writers, speakers, teachers and experts who love sharing what they know.

My style of coaching tends to be playful and light-hearted. People who prefer a tough-love or serious and somber coach won’t touch me with a ten foot pole.

You want to attract clients who align with your worldview and the process you use for getting results. It makes for a much more fun and easeful journey.

Be clear about HOW you do what you do, in detail, and your soulmate clients will pre-select themselves.

All of this also makes your message much more compelling than most of what’s out there, which tends to be vague and unconvincing. The more people know about how you get results, the more credible and valuable your offer becomes.

If you’d like help attracting your soulmate clients, it would be my joy to assist. I have a six-week beta program for experienced coaches, wellness practitioners and healers to attract 3-5 client leads per week with transformational content, sharing your soul story, and “unmarketing” that’s easy and fun.

You’ll also need to enjoy writing and/or speaking and sharing your expertise, and already be getting results for your clients. If you’re interested, contact me and we’ll have a chat to see if you’re a match.

Yours in creative play,