One of my client-playmates had a goal:

“I want to reach more people who GET me. People who really appreciate me for who I am and all my gifts.”

I asked how she thought that might happen. She was stumped.

“You need to be who you are and let people SEE you, all of you, to attract the ones who get you,” I said.

You see, she’d been hiding her spiritual, intuitive side, and often felt unrecognized. 

So often we’re conditioned to hide the “too much” parts of ourselves, and then end up feeling misunderstood or unrecognized…because we’re not expressing the fullness of what we are.

It can lead to feeling inauthentic and fake.

If you want to attract clients who really get the value of what you do, and who align with your way of doing it and get the fabulous results, you need to let them SEE you.

A good place to begin is with these questions:

What do you want people to know about you?

Quit being inauthentically humble and let your light shine. Tell them.

What DON’T you want people to know about you?

If you want people to really get you and accept you, it requires showing up as the real, vulnerable you.

You don’t have to share the ugliest skeletons in your closet, although you might. Oftentimes it’s what we most resist sharing that draws people to us.

There’s a beautiful catharsis that occurs when you finally come out about “that thing” you’ve been hiding.

Even better:

When you expose yourself to the possibility of rejection, it’s an opportunity to see that you’re accepting yourself.

And that feels pretty damn good.

Now that you’re ready to be seen, here are some ways to create content to connect powerfully for those you’re here to serve.

4 Types of Content to Attract Soulmate Clients

#1 – Share what’s most ALIVE: content, medium and timing.

This is top priority.

If you’re excited, inspired or even a little nervous about sharing, if it feels edgy or risky in some way, that’s a sure sign of ALIVENESS.

(It doesn’t have to feel edgy or risky; that’s just fairly common in the human experience.)

When you share what you really want to say from your heart, people will feel it. And your people will respond.

So #1 trumps everything else I’m about to share. In fact, if you ignore everything else and go DO THAT, you’ll astound yourself with the result. Go ahead and do it, I dare ya. 🙂

#2 – Your Contrarian Voice of Wisdom

What do you believe that goes AGAINST the mainstream?

What do your soulmate clients believe that needs to change to create the results they desire?

Identify your client’s current beliefs and explain how those new beliefs create transformation.

Connect those belief shifts to what you do (your unique methodology, which we’ll talk about in a minute) and the results your client desires.

Create content around this. It demonstrates your difference, connects with those who share your worldview, and demonstrates your expertise.

Tell them HOW you do what you do.

Added benefits to this type of content:

  • It should be easy for you to create because this type of transformation is your passion. (I’m assuming; if not, why are you doing it?)

  • It creates genuine value and begins the transformation in the minds and hearts of your people, a truly beautiful gift.

Provide those life-changing shifts right inside your free content.

There’s nothing that builds trust and credibility faster, and attracts clients who really “get” you.

Please don’t hold back out of fear. They’ll still need you for the full experience of transformation that you provide. And if they get value out of it and don’t hire you, living with generosity feels like heaven.

#3 – Your Unique Methodology

What makes you different from others who offer similar services?

This is how you do what you do. 

It’s a combination of:

  • Your Contrarian Voice of Wisdom
  • Your story
  • Your beliefs
  • Your processes, tools and techniques

If you’re getting results with clients, I guarantee you have ALL of these things, even if you haven’t articulated them yet.

When you do and connect that to the experience or result your clients want, it makes for powerful, effective, client-attracting content.

#4 – The story of your transformational journey

A very simple way to connect with your soulmate clients is to share the journey you’re on right now.

Yes, we’re back to vulnerability and letting them see you again. 🙂

Share what you’ve been struggling with, what you’re doing to overcome it, and the results you’re getting.

You don’t have to be the All-Wise and All-Knowing Guru-Expert-on-the-Mountain.

Be the guide who holds their hand and journeys through the valley of transformation with them.

This content is easy to create and full of aliveness because you’re IN IT. Right now.

The more honest and transparent, the better.

(FYI – I’ve been doing this, in case you haven’t noticed. I have to do for myself what I’m so good at helping my own clients to do.)

There’s a final element that will be necessary in each of these types of content to attract soulmate clients who really get what you do:

An invitation to work with you.

Include a one-paragraph offer to your course, coaching, retreat or program that will help them have the experience or get the results you’ve written about. Make it specific and relevant, and tell them what to do next.

This is simple, powerful and authentic. There’s no hype involved.

Give people an experience of what you do right up front. The right people will step forward, and the rest will move away, which is exactly what you want.

On that note… 🙂

I’m creating a beta-program to help you craft an irresistible message that weaves your deep purpose, mission and genius gifts into a Soul Story that will 10x your impact. It includes a journey in which we’ll co-create this message through worksheets and exercises, as well as one-on-one coaching to customize it for your business. 

You’ll come away with copy you love and the skills to write more soulmate client-attracting content forever. Contact me if you’re interested for more details.

(I’m practicing what I preach. See?)

Yours in creative play,