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I’m outside at dusk and I am watching the bats.

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Oh, how I love these bats! These little winged miracles of darkness.

It brings to mind my season of the bats last year. Within a month, four bats found their way to me.

One of them stayed with us for a week. I called him Billy Batbee. He had a broken wing which I didn’t discover until he’d been with us for four or five days, clinging to the outside of the screened in porch.

He was so beautiful. Each night I watched him grow restless at dusk when the sun went down. Every night I thought he was going to fly away and he didn’t. He would stretch out his wings one at a time and groom them like a cat. I was entranced.

In that season of the bats I knew they had a gift for me. If I would have tried to anticipate what the gift would be, I probably would have thought something about embracing your darkness, but that’s not what I noticed.

I loved that bat, Billy Batbee, and I worried for him. We ended up calling the Wildlife Rescue Center to come and get him because he wasn’t flying away. I knew there wasn’t much they could do for him other than put him down.

I was so upset about losing that bat. I felt as if somehow I’d let him down.

What he taught me was the lesson, the gift, that everything shows me these days. Let go. Surrender. All things pass.

Let come what comes. Let go what goes. Notice what remains. (Ramana Maharshi)

Letting go is what we seem doomed to experience as humans – and I smile when I say “doomed” because it’s only a doom if I think it’s a doom, if I think it’s darkness or despair.

There’s a beauty in letting something go. There’s a beauty in grieving for the passing of something. When I allow it, it has a sweetness, even when it hurts.

When I see the bats playing over the grass at night, swooping, darting, chirping, they’re my little friends, my little reminders that all this will one day be gone. And still, we can celebrate the night.

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