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I first heard the story of Sara’s miracle in a description she had written herself, and I was astounded.

There was something familiar in her experience, paralleling my own miracle in seeing through the fears that had run my life for so long. I was compelled to talk with her, and then to invite her to my podcast to meet you. Join us for a conversation about the gift and creative power of being human.

Listen on the podcast:

Here’s some of what we explore:

  • The most powerful force in the universe (hint: you’re made of it)
  • The miraculous potential of saying, “This could change,” to our assumptions
  • Sara’s story of healing from a permanent brain injury the doctors said would never change
  • Creating fear in order to feel safe and then watching it dissolve
  • The delight in finding out you’re wrong about what’s possible
  • The resilience of being human

The Journey of Transformation Begins With Curiosity

Seeing what we really are reveals infinite possibilities. In the past, Sara assumed many things, including her chronic health condition, as just the way things were. As her locus of identity began to shift to love, consciousness and what comes before thought, “reality” looked more changeable, opening the door to miraculous changes. Glimpsing the universal reveals the personal as less fixed and more malleable.

“The fact that I think something is changeable…yes it is, or it wouldn’t be on my radar at all.” – Sara O’Neill

Sara discovered healing from a “permanent” brain injury, not through needing it to change, but realizing that it could. Multiple concussions seven years ago left Sara with a brain injury and almost non-functional for months. While her body did heal, health professionals told Sara that her remaining symptoms of visual disability, panic attacks and neurological issues would never change. When Sara began to see her symptoms as thought, she realized they could change, and within 48 hours her symptoms vanished.

 “I didn’t try to make things change; I started to see that they could.” – Sara O’Neill

Lifelong social anxieties and fears began to drop away as Steph saw herself creating them in an attempt to feel safe. When she saw that feeling fear can’t hurt her, the fears began to dissolve.

Getting curious about things we’ve been certain of opens up possibilities. You really can do anything; the results will be variable, but you can go for it.

“We are love, but we’re bigger than that, as well.” – Sara O’Neill

Looking back, Sara recognizes that even when she felt utterly lost, the Universe had her. Ideas came even in the midst of darkness and confusion. The creativity we are is endlessly resilient.

Our default state is bliss. It takes work to sustain fear, but good feelings and insight are natural. We exhaust ourselves from the effort it takes to create fear.

Look for the best feeling you can find; that’s what’s real. Everything else isn’t.

“We’re never without that creativity. The more we see that we are that, the more we live in the feeling of it.” – Sara O’Neill


Meet Dr. Sara Joy O’Neill, Transformative Coach Impact Catalyst & Chiropractor

Dr. Sara Joy O’Neill is an Advanced Certified Transformative Coach and Chiropractor working with people who want more out of life. No matter where you are starting from and where you want to get to, she helps you create a life you fall in love with every day.

In her 24-year career, she has helped hundreds of people in many countries around the world be able to live with freedom, love and grace achieving goals they had only dreamed of previously. She works with people in all areas of life whether looking for help overcoming chronic pain, health challenges or anxiety or with people looking to perform at higher levels effortlessly in sports competition or business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Sara Joy resides in Canada near Toronto and loves the great outdoors. In the summer you can find her at one of the many gorgeous beaches lining the Great Lakes region of Ontario with her spouse, Scott, and their two teenagers. Her cat Mo stays at home.

She is also an avid Olympic-style Weightlifter competing in the Master’s division nationally and serves as a Technical Official for the Sport of Weightlifting in Canada. In her spare time, Sara Joy is the designer and creator at Turtlewhale Designs where she makes unique glass art statement jewellery.

In all things, she is fascinated by the limitless aliveness and possibility that exists for all human beings simply by virtue of having been born on this beautiful planet.

Connect with Sara

Website: https://www.drsaraoneill.com/transformative-coaching

Blog: https://www.drsaraoneill.com/blog

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-sara-o-neill-22b0745/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrSaraJoy

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