In the past week, I’ve had conversations with multiple spiritual entrepreneurs who are struggling with the same thing.

They’re trying to grow a business and it just doesn’t seem to be working.

Upon further inquiry, their language reveals:

  • A desire to make a difference in the world that’s rife with obligation
  • Frustration with doing all the “right” things and not getting results
  • Heaviness bordering on despair and giving up

They’re so focused on getting results that they’re miserable in the process.

Where is the PLAY in your business? 

Where is the JOY?

We do all this dreadful “adulting,” telling ourselves that we’ll get to play and rest when the work is done…but not until we achieve our goals.

We won’t rest until the money is in the bank account.

But that’s not how it works if you want a joyful business.

You have one time — NOW — in which to experience joy.

You can spend your Now slaving away fulfilling your calling to raise the level of consciousness in the world (or whatever lofty purpose you’ve taken on.)


What if you create a life and business that simply delights you?

It’s my not-so-humble opinion that when you create joy and fulfillment in your life for purely “selfish” reasons (and don’t kid yourself; all those altruistic motivations are about feeling good anyway)  it’s the greatest gift you could possibly give to the world.

When you’ve filled your cup with joy, the overflow blesses me and the whole rest of the world.

When you’re joyful, you can’t help but make a difference in the world…and raise the level of consciousness an’ shit.

I’m poking fun and making light of because I need the reminder, too.

When the universe sends people my way with the same message over and over…

Inevitably, that message is for me, too.

Here’s the most recent application in my life:

I’ve embarked on the Impossible Project of telling a story in Japanese rakugo on the stage of the Asakuso Hall in Tokyo this April.

That means that I have TWO MONTHS to:

  • Learn how to speak Japanese (intelligibly)
  • Retell a rakugo story with a Stephanie twist
  • Perform said story in the traditional rakugo style 
  • Get booked at (or book) Asakuso Hall and get people to show up

I’ve been just a little bit frustrated with my slow progress and the increasing awareness of what a daunting task I’ve undertaken.

What started off as fun begins to feel like an ORDEAL.


What if I pursue this task with joy? What would that look like?

So I’m bringing on the fun and ridiculous — always my favorite motivation and muse.

What if I write haiku in Japanese? 

Transcribe crazy sentences? 

Give myself rewards for hitting milestones that require making an ass of myself in public?

(Yes, these are my ideas of a good time.)

Your kind of fun is probably quite different from mine, but the principle still applies.

What if you infused your business with joy and inspiration?

It’s time to quit saying that you have to achieve your purpose…

…and remember that you get to do it instead.

Climb a mountain that’s so inspiring you’d be thrilled to attempt the journey, even if you never make it to the summit.

Screw obligation. 

It’s our privilege to pursue joy. Let’s do it and share that joy like the kind of virus we all want to catch.

Yours in creative play,