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hiking manThere is a man with brilliant vision.

The possibilities he sees are a gift for the world that will relieve suffering and create beauty. HIs vision is full of hope and empowerment, and oh, so much value.

But no one sees it.

It’s as if he speaks another language, and they do not understand.

He has no message to convey this vision.

The man thinks the right words are what he needs to convince people. Maybe if he hires an expert to craft the perfect pitch or draw a map from his words, then they will see.

While different words may help, there is something else that keeps his message from connecting.


He is – secretly or not so secretly – afraid of other people and their judgements of him.

He feels disconnected. Alone. Separate from those who cannot see as he does.

The fear blocks him from understanding others deeply enough to build a connection through his words.

Yet if he seeks to understand another simply to convince them of his vision, this is not true connection. It is simply another transactional relationship, another example he will use to stay locked in the experience of separation.

Only when he drops his own vision completely can he listen to another with an open heart and clear mind.

Only then can he truly listen and understand another, when he no longer needs to first be understood.

In that moment, he is no longer alone. He sees through another’s eyes, and knows what to do, if anything, to help them.

Now he has the understanding he needs to show them his vision. Now they may listen.

But even if they do not, he has already found what he was really seeking.


He feels the Universe supporting him. He knows that through the feeling of connection, he will find the unique words to reach the person in front of him.

Convincing is no longer necessary. The natural fit will reveal itself, or if it does not, the two will part as friends, grateful for the connection.

This is the simplicity of “marketing” when you begin with connection.