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Wyn Morgan, a transformational coach for corporate teams, individuals and a mentor for coaches, joins me on the Wildspire podcast. I can’t resist inquiring about his experience as a transformative coach in the corporate world.  

We talk about how coaches can best answer the question, “What do you do?” especially when their work has a spiritual component, in order to communicate their value in the corporate environment.  

Our conversation is at times playful and silly and at other times, we ponder aging and death.   

Here’s a bit of what we explore in this broad-ranging conversation: 

  • Shattering the myth that coaches must water down or disguise what they do to work with corporate clients
  • An honest answer to “What do you do?” for coaches
  • How to get credibility with clients fast
  • The most powerful “tool” in your coach kit
  • When the intellect, scripts and tactics get in the way of powerful coaching
  • When being “selfish” isn’t about you 
  • Giving yourself permission to be a fool and acting like a three year-old
  • Going beyond judgements about death and aging
  • The ultimate antidote to all performance problems
  • Letting go of being a better human

Listen to the podcast here:

Corporate Coaching With Heart & Presence

“When I don’t have me on my mind and I’m genuinely interested in [clients], the answer and the questions take care of themselves.” – Wyn Morgan

Speak from the heart to find the leverage point and get corporate clients on board. Not knowing how you’ll help a client in the beginning isn’t a problem. When you get present and speak from the heart, you’ll know and find the words to communicate it.

Being present is the best “tool” for doing anything. There’s less to do than we think. Always. Wyn tells the story of how impressed his corporate clients with his mastery in juggling many things during their corporate training, but explains that it isn’t the behavior that creates powerful performance; it’s the intelligence behind the behavior. The only thing to watch out for is: are you present to the noise in your head, or are you listening to life?

If you want to improve your performance, take your attention off yourself. It’s fine to reflect on your performance afterward, but when you’re meant to be doing your art, the less attention placed on yourself, the better. The secret to peak performance is presence.

“All my emotions are a part of being alive and there’s nothing I need to rebel against.” – Wyn Morgan

Your natural state is flow. Trying to achieve a state of “no thought” is a losing battle, but when we’re present it happens naturally. You can’t think yourself into no thought.

Accepting all our experiences leads to a richer, kinder human experience. Aging and death are simply colors in the palette of being human. Learning to appreciate and welcome every experience makes being alive feel like visiting Disneyland. When you drop the notion of trying to get it right and the quest for being a better human, you become kinder and more compassionate as a natural byproduct.

 “Life is to be experienced. Not to win at or achieve, but to be experienced.” – Wyn

Meet Wyn Morgan, Transformative Coach

Wyn Morgan is a sought-after coach and consultant for businesses and private individuals from every continent of the world. His ability to quickly identify true needs and create innovative, transformational changes that last has led him to a track record of delivering astounding return on investment from his work in corporations.  

Wyn’s work strips away invisible blockages between people and their brilliance in all aspects of their professional and personal lives. In mentoring coaches and leaders, he has enabled them to bring out the best in their own colleagues and clients, creating a legacy of change that lasts, results that matter.

Connect with Wyn

Website: www.wynning.co.uk

Linked in: linkedin.com/in/wynmorgan

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WynningCoachingTraining

Podcast: https://underthenoise.podbean.com

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