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Bradley T. Morris, Lead Magician at Majik Media, joins me for a conversation about creating an online course by doing what you love for a wildly profitable, fulfilling business with fun and alignment.

(His experience is a big part of what prompted my own hiatus from social media.)

Bradley shares powerful questions and tips gleaned from the successes and failures of his experiments, with a sense of humor and playfulness that demonstrates just how entertaining a transformational conversation can be. 

Besides, anyone willing to admit they have a wig collection and tell dragon stories is my kind of human.

Here’s some of the terrain we explore:

  • How a spontaneous dance in a coffee shop led to a viral video and 100+ press opportunities…before Bradley even knew what YouTube was!
  • How to get a jolt of creative inspiration when you need it.
  • The good, the bad and the ugly of Bradley’s departure from social media 5 years ago and what’s happened since.
  • A failed experiment with a freemium membership and what he learned from it.
  • Why fewer clients and a smaller audience creates a more fulfilling business model, and how Bradley’s doing it.
  • Creating an online course people love that transforms lives…and actually have fun doing it.
  • Two questions for creating an authentic, profitable business that makes a difference.

Listen and download the podcast here:

Watch the video of our full chat, listen to the podcast, or grab some of my takeaways below.


“We are creators. We have these bodies, these minds, these imaginations, the talent that we’re given and the talent we can learn or recruit. We should just be creating every day.”

–  Bradley T. Morris

How to Create an Magically Aligned Business

Daring to do business beyond the norm requires a willingness to forge your own path and make mistakes.

Bradley models how creating from the motivation, “I want to do that!” rather than just trying to make money, and create money and satisfaction.

Here are a few of my insights from our conversation:

Create what you truly desire to be fulfilled. It’s easy to let societal norms dictate how you live and do business, but when the journey of creation is fun, you won’t be putting off your satisfaction for an imaginary future that never comes. You’ll have what you seek NOW.

Creation is messy, experimental and it’s what we’re here to do. There is no “proven formula” for your successful business. Get your hands dirty, start playing, and the path will unfold as you walk it.

Ask yourself these two questions to test your alignment: 

  1. If you were a millionaire, would you still be doing what you’re doing now?

  2. If you went back 3 years in time, would you buy your own product or service?

If you’re not currently pursuing what you really desire, or if you wouldn’t buy from yourself, you’re out of alignment. You can come back into alignment immediately by  addressing one piece at a time. 

Create what’s fun for you, the way it’s fun for you. When you’re led by fun in creating an online course, you’ll get more done (without it feeling like “work!”) and enjoying yourself is magnetically attractive to the tribe who will love journeying with you.

Use movement to spark creativity. Bradley suggests blocking out “active thinking” time each week. Go on a hike for 1-2 hours with a loose intention to get creative about a project, and bring a notebook along to capture the ideas that strike out of nowhere.

If you want a thriving business without social media, cultivate powerful relationships. Two of the ways Bradley does this with a membership that feels like a village where everyone knows each other, and profit-sharing partnerships.

Less is more when it comes to a simple, fulfilling business. Chasing more likes, followers and subscribers doesn’t necessarily equal more money and impact. You can create tremendous value and profit with even a small group of people.

Entertainment facilitates deeper transformations. When you’re playing and laughing, you learn better. Incorporate multi-media (videos, games, music, audio) and themes into your courses for greater retention and impact.

If you find yourself waiting for perfection, follow the mantra, “Always Be Creating.” As long as you’re creating, you’ll keep getting better. People will notice, they’ll spread the word, and you’ll find your way.


 “What do you want? What are you doing? Are they separate things? If the two are out of alignment, stop what you’re doing, course correct, and get in alignment. Take an honest look. Forgive yourself. You can jump back into alignment in an instant and start your path.”

Bradley T. Morris

Meet Bradley T. Morris, Lead Magician

Bradley has been producing inspirational media since 2007 when his first video ever went viral, leading to speaking tours around North America. 

He then taught 500+ meditation workshops and retreats around the world. In 2012 put all his meditation work online, which has since spread to 70+ countries & (probably) millions of lives via apps & online courses. It is 100% passive income now.

In 2014 he started supporting other teachers to bring their work online and 2016 Majik Media was founded during his search to produce the most epic, memorable, transformational media and courses he could dream up. 

He’s passionate about helping teachers, coaches and facilitators bring their life’s work online in the best way they can.

Connect with Bradley


Website: https://MajikMedia.com 


Majik Membership: https://MajikMedia.com/Membership


Partnership Opportunities: https://MajikMedia.com/Partnership


Youtube: https://Youtube.com/MajikMedia


Podcast: SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify


Resources mentioned


Life and Business Without Social Media


Majik Kids Business Plan


Yogi Tunes

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