“Where are my soulmate clients and how do I get their attention?”

It’s like there is this imaginary club where all the cool soon-to-be-clients hang out, if we only knew where it was…

And what to say when we walk up to them…


So many world-changing entrepreneurs are focused on figuring out the where and how of finding their soulmate clients.

If you feel like you have to sell yourself or use hypey tactics to get noticed, and what you’re doing isn’t generating regular leads…

Sure, a different where or how may help, but that’s not what you really need right now.

Mostly what I’m seeing being shared in an attempt to get clients is:

#1 – A story intended to resonate with clients

#2 – A helpful tip

#3 – An offer leading with the “pain points” of clients and a description of the service

None of this is BAD content, but it’s not connecting the dots for people in a way that creates leads and clients.

(It’s also what most marketing courses teach you to do, so you can’t be blamed for it.)

Stories and tips alone don’t encourage people to reach out. It’s more like, “Hey, great tip!” and they’re gone.

Offers without a clear explanation of what they really need and how you help may sell a few low-priced sessions, but they don’t generate high-ticket sales from people who don’t know you.

Is your current message generating soulmate clients? If not, you can put a million eyeballs on it and it still won’t get the results you desire.


The experienced coaches, healers and experts I create with already have the ability to get amazing results for clients and can turn inquiries into bookings at least some of the time, especially through conversations.

What they really need is a potent message in the form of transformational content and a clear offer making it easy for the right clients to find and hire them.

This lets you move from $2,000 to $5,000 months, or from $5,000 to $10,000, without working harder or resorting to pushy marketing.

When you have a potent message like this, you can plug it into ANY strategy on ANY platform, so long as your ideal clients are there, and it will work like gangbusters.

The elements of such a potent message are simple, and when they’re connected, irresistibly draw the exact clients who are right for you.

(The good news is that if you’ve been working with your ideal clients, you have all of these elements already! You probably just haven’t put them all together.)

Be specific about who your offer is (and isn’t) for, and the transformation you help these people create. Describe where they are now and where they will be after working with you.

Get more specific than you’re inclined to be.

If you help “stressed out moms,” what’s happening in their lives right now? Are they moms with young kids who aren’t getting enough sleep? Or moms with kids leaving the nest? Are they dealing with a chronic health issue? Or looking to rekindle romance?

Each of these moms is dealing with very different issues and the transformational journey will be different. Describe it in such detail that your soulmate clients recognize themselves.

Reveal how the transformation occurs. What beliefs need to shift? What actions need to change?

Let’s say you’re helping experienced coaches (like I am.) Describe how they’re currently struggling to do marketing the way they’ve been taught, and unknowingly making generic offers that don’t get attention or attract client leads. Show how when they articulate their powerful message of transformation and connect it to a specific offer, it generates more leads in EVERY medium.

Explain how you help people do this, and invite them to a specific offer to create just that.

How long does this content need to be?

As long as it takes to do a good job communicating the information. For written posts 1,000 words or more is a common length.

When you’re teaching something valuable to your ideal client, they’ll read or listen all the way to the end, glued to every word.

Once you have this offer, where should you put it? And when?

When it’s strong and clear, any place where enough of your ideal clients see it will work. Speaking, podcasts, social media, Medium articles, blog posts. It will cut through the noise and get results.

So if your message isn’t getting the results you want right now, rather than trying new strategies or diving into new platforms, FOCUS ON YOUR OFFER and the transformation you provide.

Get clear about:

  • Who you help (specifically)
  • The transformation you provide (where they start and where they end up, specifically)
  • How you help them get there (your unique methodology)
  • A specific invitation to help them with this

Go ahead, try this out and see what happens.

Now it’s my turn… 🙂

I’m seeking experienced coaches, healers and experts for a beta-program creating one-on-one with me, that will take them to consistent $5,000 or $10,000 months (depending on where they begin) by creating transformational content and sharing their soul story, attracting 3-5 leads per week with “unmarketing” that’s easy and natural.

Contact me if you’re interested and we’ll have a chat to see if you’re a match. (I’m being selective because I want to make sure everyone gets amazing results.)

Yours in creative play,