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Dear Changemaker,

I see you in your quest to save the world.

I see your huge heart, your willingness to do the work that needs to be done, to say the words other people might not want to hear, to point to the reality other people are denying.

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I see how hard this is on you. How it weighs on you, holding the burden of the world on your shoulders as if it were your job and yours alone, and how much love you have for this planet that you would take that on.

Here’s what you might be missing:

This world, this gorgeous planet and every living creature on it, was here long before we were. It found its existence through the intelligence of the universe that animates it, and will continue to do so through whatever many forms it takes, and it doesn’t need our help. It doesn’t need saving. Everything in it, and everything on it, is absolutely perfect. Run by this gorgeous intelligence of life.

Now that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things we want to change. Of course, there are!

We see people hurting each other, people extracting from the planet, ignorantly and innocently, not realizing what they’re doing. I would like to change that. I know you would, too.

But here’s the biggest thing you can do. As you see that this planet is not broken and never has been, the same is true for you. You are completely perfect and whole, functioning exactly as you were designed, with that intelligence animating your movements, controlling your involuntary functions, beating your heart and breathing you.

When you are relaxed and clear, that intelligence shines through you so beautifully, so perfectly. It guides you so accurately, in exactly what is yours to do to help yourself and others.

But when this gorgeous vessel of you is clouded by dark thinking, when it gets hold of your mouth or your hands, you, too, may innocently do hurtful things, and most importantly your experience drops. Your clarity drops. Your enjoyment disappears.

You get to choose where you put that attention of yours.

If you place it on what’s wrong, it’s magnified. If you place it on all the many things that are right, beautiful and inspiring, the things that touch your heart, your vision is clear and your way is shown to you.

The path to saving the planet begins and ends with loving it, every single bit of it. No exceptions.

It’s not something that we have to do with willpower because as soon as we stop overthinking, trying to figure things out and burdening ourselves with obligations to make a difference, and we enjoy our lives, loving the world is natural. That’s our natural state of aliveness, play, kindness, connectedness. This is what we need to continue to live on this earth with our brothers and sisters, our animal companions, and with the magnificence of the planet herself.

This is what I’m called to help you see more clearly. The good thing is that it’s not hard. I know that you already have everything you need.

If you’re willing to set down your ideas about how you think the world is, just for a few minutes, and take a fresh look inside of you for the most beautiful feeling you can find, you’ll notice that there’s always one there. That’s you.

When you look at the world from that place, you won’t be able to stop seeing beauty and love.

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