Whether you’re contemplating what to do with your life, your relationship, or coping with the death of a loved one, Judith Johnson is there to help you navigate being human with a deeper understanding of the mind to find freedom and happiness.

I first met Judith years ago at a wedding where she was an officiant and I was a DJ. While much has changed for both of us, she remains a powerful, loving presence with a commitment to serve humanity.

Our conversation centers largely on death, Judith’s own brush with death and the deathbed promise she made to her mother, and how these events ushered in a deep knowing of what we might call God.

We explore:

  • Judith’s life-changing revelation after surviving a catastrophic car accident without a scratch 
  • The deathbed promise Judith made to her mother 
  • Weddings as both a sacred ritual, theatrical production and metaphor for the human mind 
  • Rebuilding the scaffolding of thought to create your life 
  • The six people haunting your marriage 
  • Escaping from the trap of ego and how to love ourselves and others 
  • Why we need to do better with death and dying

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“Every one of us is a fabulous gift under the Christmas tree.” – Judith Johnson

The Gift of Death & the Journey of Being You

Navigating relationships with grace means understanding that your perceptions are different from others.’ Each of us is starring in our own movie, with the role and genre determined by our thoughts and beliefs. When we go into judgement, comparison, and right/wrong good/bad thinking, it’s challenging to deal with other points of view. A broader perspective shifts your experience of reality, allowing it to be okay for others to see things differently.

Dysfunctional patterns don’t mean there’s something wrong with you. Our beliefs make up the scaffolding of our minds, creating an ego identity that gives rise to unhelpful patterns. When we know our true self, we can rise above the games to find connection which enables us to love, honor and cherish ourselves and each other.

Consciousness allows us to navigate the physical, mental and spiritual with greater ease. Where you place your awareness determines your experience. While the ego is a necessary tool for functioning in the world, knowing the ego isn’t what we are is essential to find love and happiness.

There’s a difference between believing and knowing. When Judith emerged unscathed from a horrendous car accident, she knew without a doubt there had been divine intervention. It moved her from a conceptual belief to deep knowing, and brought great joy into her life through the awareness of the divine connection.

Death is a necessary part of life, and it’s time to overcome the Death Taboo. Judith cared for her mother during the last nine years of her life, and together, they confronted the dysfunction of the medical system and society’s attitudes towards death. By not talking about death, we miss out on a deeper experience of life. The intimacy and love between Judith and her mother at the end of her mother’s life was magnificent, and the lessons they learned will be shared in the book, Making Peace With Death and Dying, to be published this January.

Let go of your judgements to make space for everyone. Knowing your true self, beyond the ego, allows you to relax into being who you truly are. You can move away from competition and be your best self by cleaning the lenses of your perception.

Find a trusted mentor or coach to help expand your perception. It’s immensely powerful to have another person bear witness to who you are without judgement, take you by the hand, and help find your path.

“You don’t have to be old to die. Death is normal. We’ve got a bad attitude about death, and we can change that.” – Judith Johnson

Meet Judith Johnson, Author, Mentor & Educator

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Judith Johnson is an author, mentor, and educator. Her lifelong passion is liberating herself and others through understanding the dynamics of consciousness and how our perceptions and beliefs inform our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. As a mentor, she teaches others how to consciously thrive by identifying, forgiving, and releasing dysfunctional patterns and entrenched positions. By renovating the mental and emotional structures upon which they live their lives, clients can maximize their functionality, fulfillment, and joy in their own unique and authentic way.

Judith’s work draws upon personal life lessons, her spiritual journey, doctoral degrees in social psychology and spiritual science, a master’s degree in business, wisdom teachings from around the world, and mentoring others since 1983. An interfaith minister since 1985, she serves as a chaplain at her local hospital and counsels and comforts the grieving.

She is the author of The Wedding Ceremony Planner and Writing Meaningful Wedding Vows. Judith’s latest book, Making Peace with Death and Dying, will be published in January, 2022 and can be preordered on Amazon. In January 2023, her next book, Being You: A User’s Manual, which shares her understanding of human consciousness will be published.

Judith’s interest in end-of-life issues was ignited while sharing a home with her mother during the last nine years of her mom’s life. Making Peace with Death and Dying is the fulfillment of a deathbed promise Judith made to her mother to write about what they had learned about aging and dying in a society with a powerful death taboo. It provides understanding of the causes, dynamics, and consequences of our dysfunctions in dealing with death and shows us how to break free as individuals and as a society. She also mentors the dying and their loved ones in dealing with end-of-life issues.

An avid writer, Judith’s numerous articles about consciousness, relationships, and the end of life have been published on popular websites and can be accessed on her website. You can also join her community and download “The Real Secret to True Happiness Lies Within” from her homepage.

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