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You were born on the back of a sleeping tiger.

Have you forgotten?

One twitch of its tail can send you hurtling into nothingness.

And even now as it slumbers and you are nestled in its fur, at any moment that can change, it may wake and you may find yourself trapped between its jaws.

You don’t know when the tiger will wake, but one day, it will, and when it does there is no way to say what will happen and where this will take you.

But there is something you can choose as you ride this sleeping tiger.

Will you choose to hold on for dear life in fear of what may happen at every moment?

Or will you choose to let go and see where it takes you?

The Shadow of a Doubt

This question haunts me when I feel paralyzed to create my dreams because of this Great Doubt.

“How can I get rid of doubt?”

Doubt is like my shadow on the wall. 

The moment I stand in the light and let myself be seen…there it is.

Am I doing the right thing?

What will they think of me?

Maybe I should change my mind?

Doubt trails behind, casts its shadow over my day, lurks in the dark spaces.

The more I try to chase it out, the larger it seems to grow. 

Doubt makes love to Fear and breeds shadow babies in the corners of my psyche.

But like a shadow, when I turn the light of truth upon it, there is nothing to be seen.

It seems to me that doubt does not need to be eliminated. It passes away in its own time, like all thoughts do.

Allow Doubt to be the shadow it is, existing only as a reminder to step back into the light.

Doubt says, “Redirect yourself to the present and what you are creating here. Now.”

This is its loving message.

What if you come back to this moment?

What do you know here in the now?

What is your wild creation?

“When you see that doubt is a symptom of an already overly busy mind, thinking more about whatever it is you’re doubting is like hitting the accelerator when your tires are stuck in mud.

You’re not going to get anywhere, and you’re liable to make one hell of a mess while trying.

But if you give it a few minutes (sometimes less, sometimes more), your ‘psychological immune system’ will ensure that your thoughts will settle, your head will clear, and you’ll be right back to your best as if the whole thought-storm had never even happened.”


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