If you’re waiting on clarity before making changes in your business, you’re looking in a direction that keeps you stuck and uncertain. 

Clarity is overrated — at least the way most talk about it.

When we wait for clarity before taking action, we’re really asking for certainty about the future. We want to be sure our next action is the right one before we take it.

It’s an innocent and understandable desire when the world looks scary and uncertain, especially when the consequences of failure seem dire.

But this Crystal Ball Clarity demands a knowledge about the future that just isn’t possible, and waiting for it postpones the business and life you desire.

Can you ever know for sure whether a strategy will work? Even if you’ve done it before?

I spent YEARS waiting on “clarity” to figure things out, and it hasn’t worked yet. Chasing this kind of clarity only seems to keep me stuck in self-doubt and indecision.

This is one of the biggest obstacles change-makers and coaches are facing.

It’s compounded by the myth the experts feed us that it’s possible to use their system as a short-cut to a proven outcome, so you can buy the certainty that you’re doing the right thing. It’s a tempting proposition!

They promise the Blueprint to your desires. Just unravel, follow the instructions, navigate by the landmarks and…POOF! You’ll arrive exactly where they did.

Except it doesn’t seem to work that way.

But as anyone who’s created and sold a step-by-step system can tell you (myself included) if they’re being honest…

…they had no idea what they were doing or if it was going to work when they did it.

They stumbled and fumbled their way to that Eureka moment that changed everything. Only in hindsight could they create a “proven system” to get there by cutting out all the seemingly unnecessary twists and turns they took. They’re selling a system that’s completely different from the journey they actually followed!

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So if you’re chasing clarity to predict the future, you’re out of luck.

However, real clarity IS available. It’s grounded in Now, rather than the future, and it provides everything you really need for your next step.

Ready for it?

NOW clarity comes from your inner guidance in the moment, and it works like this: 

You either know or you don’t know.

If you know, do what you know. 

If you don’t know, wait. Eventually you’ll know.

It’s simple and clean navigation. Every time I drift into “figuring it out” or “wanting to get it right,” it takes me home to what I know right now.

Creating in the Now is like playing a game of Hot or Cold. Here’s what that looks like, in case you’ve never played it.

Someone hides an object while the Player keeps their eyes shut. As the Player roams the territory searching for the object, the hider assists with verbal clues. 

“You’re getting warmer…” indicates the Player is closer to the object. “You’re getting colder…you’re freezing” indicates the Player is off course.

Here’s the thing:

If the Player stands still while playing Hot or Cold, they never get anywhere. They have no way of finding the object.

It’s only when you start moving in a direction — any direction — that you get the feedback necessary to find what you seek.

The clarity comes from the feedback of moving, not beforehand when you’re standing still.

If you’ve been feeling stuck and uncertain, take an action. Any simple action.

Then notice your inner guidance system. It will nudge you with a “warmer” or “colder.” You’ll know you’re getting it when you’re gaining momentum with small, playful actions that generate results.

Navigating with feedback like this can also be SUPER FUN, if you let it be, and this is the game I love to play. 🙂

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Yours in creative play,