What do you choose when you don’t know what to choose?

Choice can be overwhelming.

We humans absolutely love the idea of having a bazillion options and the ability to customize things entirely to our liking. But when it comes down to actually making a choice…we’re paralyzed.

Psychologists call this the “paradox of choice.” Any more than seven choices creates great anxiety, and often we end up doing nothing.

Ever look at a diner menu with hundreds of items to choose from? Mind numbing!

I’ve come to see that possibilities are infinite, which means there are literally an infinite number of choices to choose from.


Add to that our judgements about whether this is a “good” or a “bad” choice and the pressure to do the “right thing,” and it’s no wonder we’re so stressed out!

What if you can choose something, get an awareness of what it’s like, and then choose something else?

In other words, you’re not stuck in your choice. You can unchoose or choose differently immediately.

This creates HUGE relief for my clients who are so often paralyzed trying to figure out the “right thing” to do.

A quick reminder:

If you choose something and it doesn’t go well, you can choose something else. Now.

Just choose something, anything, and notice what comes up. Then choose again based on the awareness you get.

That’s the amazing power of choice.

What do you think?