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Financial loss and ruin is a driving fear for many people, but what happens if you really do lose it all? 

Marlene Cameron knows from experience what this is like. She shares the story of losing almost $1 million through a series of “financial tsunamis” and bad investments. Yet this is a story of HOPE, because on the other side of her worst fear, she’s found peace.  

In this vulnerable, hopeful conversation, we talk about imposter syndrome, dealing with risk and finding well-being through the ups and downs of life. It left me with a lovely feeling, and I think it will do the same for you. 

Here’s some of what we explore: 

  • How Marlene ended her marriage, lost her entire savings of almost $1 million, had 4 deaths in the family…and emerged with gratitude and an understanding that changes everything


  • Why imposter syndrome has nothing to do with you…and everything to do with your thinking


  • Dealing with risk after financial disaster


  • The misunderstanding that we’re broken and where it comes from


  • The source of unshakable poise and personal power


  • Why you don’t need to wait for a disaster to find well-being

Listen to the podcast here:

How Financial Fears Dissolve Into Well-Being

“This is awakening something in you that already exists. We have a capacity for unshakable poise and immense personal power that comes from the intelligence behind all life.” – Marlene Cameron

Marlene’s worst fears of financial loss became reality, and yet she found peace. She’d separated from her husband and put all her money into high-risk, high-return investments with the intention of living off them while building her coaching business. When the market crashed, a series of three financial tsunamis swept away her entire financial savings of almost $1 million, when she had no partner or career to depend upon. On top of that, she had four deaths in the family. For 18 months, she juggled money to keep herself going with incredible creativity and courage. 

Worrying about money doesn’t keep you safe. Marlene’s constant fears about money didn’t keep her from financial loss, nor did her two degrees in finance. In fact, fear fueled her spending habit and led to risky investments. Knowing your inner well-being helps you to be more present and make better financial choices, without the need for fear. 

The Universe has your back, and knowing it brings relief. Marlene had made “risky” choices in the past, such as walking the El Camino when she had an injury, because she trusted it would be okay. But she couldn’t see the guidance and support that had always been there, even in the midst of catastrophic decisions, until she came upon the Three Principles understanding. Even when things were at their darkest, she knew she was okay and began feeling grateful for what she did have. 

“Thought is like a moving buffet. Once in a while we grab onto one, but the thought has very little to do with what’s going on in the outside world. The experience doesn’t come from out there; it’s from in here.” – Marlene Cameron

There’s nothing wrong with you — you just think there is. Like many of us, Marlene thought she was broken and dysfunctional. She took on the identity of an imposter, until she realized that there is no judgement of good or bad in an experience until we make it up with our thinking.

You don’t need to get rid of fearful thoughts; they leave naturally on their own. We spend so much time and energy managing an emotional response without realizing that it’s thought happening in the moment. When you can be curious enough to catch it in action, you can watch it move off on its own. Our experience doesn’t come from the outside world, but from what’s happening inside us. 

Letting go of fear leads to a healthier relationship with money. Now Marlene finds her financial situation surprisingly lacking in drama, even though she doesn’t have it all planned out. She’s more aware of where she spends and invests, with faith that she’ll be guided and cared for. 

Marlene’s wisdom for dealing with fear:

  • You already have what you need; all that’s necessary is moving aside the thoughts keeping you from it.
    You have the capacity of unshakable poise within you.
  • Know that you’re more than your ideas about yourself, and shine as the pure light you are.
  • Everything you’re looking for is right here in this moment, in this quiet mind.
  • The infinite intelligence behind creation knows how to operate all things; if you’re uncertain, surrender to that possibility, even a tiny bit, and find reassurance that Something is guiding and supporting you. 

“I am supported. I am being nurtured and guided into next steps. The more I surrendered to the understanding that I didn’t have to figure everything out myself…I started to settle down and be at peace.” – Marlene Cameron

Meet Marlene Cameron, Clarity Catalyst

Marlene Cameron is a clarity catalyst who coaches women in business struggling with self-doubt and stress, who often feel like impostors.  She shows entrepreneurs and professionals how to embrace their true nature, tap into their innate wisdom and accept their natural confidence.  Her clients discover the calm clarity and deeper knowing that supports them in being more decisive, productive and profitable.
Despite successful careers as a commercial interior designer with a six-figure business, as a management consultant and as a financial analyst, Marlene experienced ongoing insecurity and her own impostor feelings. After years of looking for a solution, she discovered what was for her, the missing link, an understanding called the Three Principles that provided the foundation for unshakeable poise, presence and personal power. She now shares this understanding so that others can discover their own innate capacity for insight, resilience and flow in their lives.
When not learning, working with clients or being coached herself, Marlene is a golfer by day and tango dancer by night.

Connect with Marlene

Website: https://marlenecameron.com

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/marlenecameron

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marlenelcameron

Facebook: https://facebook.com/marlenecameroncoaching

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