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If you start something and then change your mind, does it mean you’ve FAILED?

Time and again I’ve had this happen:

I make the choice to go ALL IN with something new (a business, a project, an offer) and everything is humming along, going great!

And then…

That little voice inside says, “Not this.”

A knowing settles in. This isn’t what I was aiming for.

The voice isn’t condescending. It’s kind and soft. 

It whispers:

“Dear child, this isn’t it. Keep going.”

I used to think this meant I’d made a mistake, but that isn’t what was going on at all.

This is how creation works.

Our inner wisdom provides real time navigation, turn by turn, based on the information at hand. New information allows for the next direction.

It’s not a mistake when the GPS announces the next turn; it’s feedback.

It means the system is working exactly as it’s supposed to.

Many times, I see entrepreneurs stuck in over-thinking, worrying about getting it wrong.

They’re waiting for clarity, until they figure it out, and end up doing nothing.

We gently explore the stuckness with the curiosity to ask, “What else is possible?”

What if it’s okay to get it wrong? 

What if there is no wrong? 

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Once they give themselves permission to experiment, to choose without certainty and see what happens, they take a step in the direction of what they desire. Then their inner GPS navigation kicks in with the next step and the next. 

When they shift into action, the feedback comes faster, and so do the results.

Before we know it, they have MOMENTUM, the magic point where it’s easier to keep going than it is to stop.


When in doubt, take action.

One of my client-playmates had been stuck over-thinking her every move. She had a list of To Do Actions that were never implemented and brilliant ideas she never tried.

Then she had a breakthrough, and she was doing things with ease. 

Within weeks she was making sales and launching exciting projects. Relationships opened up and opportunities appeared. She felt ALIVE with possibilities.

When I asked her what made such a difference, she said:

 “I’ve decided whatever I do is the right thing, because it’s what I decided.”

So the next time you start beating yourself up because you didn’t accurately predict what was going to happen in the future… 

(Or is it only me who tries to do that?)

…remember that your inner wisdom is guiding you, and everything is working exactly as it’s meant.

You’ve got this, and you can trust yourself to know when to change direction in the future. Not now, but exactly when you need it. 

You’ll know you’re getting it when you’re taking actions with ease, pausing when you know to pause, and kindly navigating the next steps without worrying about a future you can’t see.

If your intuition is giving you the nudge to get some help with this, perhaps from someone like me, you’ll know that, too. 

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Yours in creative play,