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A while back, I was chatting with a friend of mine who has a thriving coaching business. From what I could see, he wasn’t making business promotions on social media or following any of the common marketing formulas. He didn’t even have a Facebook page for his business!

When I asked what he was doing — I had to know! — he said:

“Everything in my business is about what I really want to do: coaching. So that’s what I do.”

In his Facebook posts…he’s coaching.

In his free zoom calls…he’s coaching.

In his workshops…coaching.

In networking…coaching.

It’s completely authentic and natural because he’s doing what he loves, and it doesn’t look like “marketing” at all. He’s simply sharing his gifts.

It’s freaking BRILLIANT.

What does it look like when doing what you love IS your marketing? 

What if the transformation you facilitate IS how you promote it?

I’ve been watching others like him and experimenting with this myself. And everything is So. Much. Easier.

Here’s how to know your marketing isn’t working for you. You’ll experience one or more of the following:

  • It’s not creating leads.
  • It’s not attracting your soulmate clients.
  • When people inquire, you have to explain what you do because they don’t get the value.

It’s not your fault if this is the case, but it may be time to tweak the recipe.

Instead of trying to “agitate the pain,”“push their emotional hot buttons” or “show the gap” between where they are now and where they want to be — all of which sounds kind of ouch-inducing…

Give them a taste of the transformation you provide in your free content.

If what you love is teaching, TEACH.

If what you love is coaching, COACH.

If what you love is telling stories, TELL STORIES.

If what you love is healing, HEAL.

And do it in the way you naturally do it.

This isn’t found in a secret formula or someone else’s strategy — it’s guided by YOUR wisdom and uses the systems, mediums and actions that work for you.

Ditch the marketing content and create Transformational Content instead.

Transformational content gives the people you serve an experience of the exact transformation you create with them.

Right inside your post, article, video, podcast, conversation. They don’t have to wait for a discovery call or session to experience it.

Transformational content includes these things:

#1 – It’s about the challenge your soulmate client has and/or the thing they desire.

#2 – You talk about what they THINK they need, and show them what they ACTUALLY need to get it (which is what you do.) These are the beliefs and behaviors that need to change to get results.

#3 – You explain how that happens, specifically.

#4 – You tie it to your service and invite them to a specific offer where you help them do it.

This is more than simply sharing a useful tip that gets likes and comments, though it will probably get those, too.

It shows people the path from where they are to where they want to go, and offers yourself as a guide.

If you’re the guide for them, your people will get it and respond to your offer. If not, they’ll move on and possibly benefit from your content anyway.

This type of content is easy and fun to create (because it’s what you’re passionate about doing anyway), it actually helps people and attracts inquiries from potential soulmate clients who get the value of what you do.

And guess what?

When your “marketing” is helping people, your sales become effortless.

You don’t have to explain your value or educate people about what you do in a lengthy conversation anymore, because you’ve done it up front. They come in “getting it.”

I can’t believe how long it took me to see this!

I’ve been guiding clients in creating aligned businesses and crafting compelling messaging for YEARS, but it wasn’t until I started sharing transformational content up and connecting it to my offer that it started getting real results.

Now people are pouring over my website and posts. I know because they quote my own pieces back to me when we talk!

The people who show up now inquiring about what I do “get” me. They want someone to help them create their business and marketing in a way that’s soul-aligned, authentic and natural. A guide who helps them create THEIR way, not by forcing them into a system that doesn’t fit.

Would you rather “market” your business?

Or help people transform their lives?

These can be one and the same! 

I help experienced coaches, healers, movement therapists and experts craft irresistible messages and offers that light them up and attract soulmate clients with transformational content and sharing their Soul Story of their deep purpose, mission and genius. No “marketing” or gimmicks required. If this sounds interesting, contact me and we’ll have a chat to see how I can help.

Yours in creative play,


P.S. Is this striking a chord? What do you think?

Let me know if you have questions and I’ll answer them.