My lovely ex-husband is a prolific songwriter. The guy can crank out a half dozen new (catchy!) songs in a week.

And yet, whenever more than seven days would pass without a new song, he’d panic.

“What if I never write a song again!”

After watching this cycle of abundant creativity followed by a “dry period” happen numerous times, all I could do was smile and remind him that this is how it goes. The songs always come again. Eventually.

Of course, allowing the ebb and flow of creativity in someone else is easier.

In the last week, I’ve had my own “dry spell.” Low energy, lack of writing inspiration.

I found myself begging the muses to send me a drop, just a drop, of inspiration.

“What if I never want to write again?”

Of course, the flow of inspiration has returned, like it always does, and I’m writing this today.

So what gives?

I’ve expected inspiration to be available on tap, but it just doesn’t seem to work that way.

Just like my energy level, it ebbs and flows.

Some days, it’s a geyser of creation with non-stop ideas and writing.

Other days, I’ve got nothin.’

When I’m open and available, inspiration always comes. Just not always on my timeline.

And yet…

It seems I always have the energy to do what’s mine to do.

My favorite question of late is, “What’s alive in you?”

I can feel aliveness on the days when creation moves through me in torrents. I’m writing, making connections, having conversations, hatching ideas for new programs and (un)marketing projects for myself and my client-playmates.

Other days, what’s alive doesn’t look very creative or productive at all.

I’m learning that I can ride the creative energy to get more done, and then do nothing at all.

It’s so easy to miss what’s alive when it looks like the stillness of not-doing.

Like a new life gestating, creation takes its own time to emerge.

It’s a disservice to ourselves when we overlook the creation happening in our lives at every moment. Because really when you think about it:

What’s NOT alive?

When are we NOT creating?

We move and create from inspired action 99% of our lives. When we wake up, get out of bed, brush our teeth, eat breakfast. 

We’re creating without thinking because we are born creators.

It’s only those few areas where we have a lot of over-thinking (marketing, sales, relationship woes, for example) where it seems like we’re not creating or not creating enough.

But I can see it happening. I can feel the aliveness.

Even in the moments that seem creatively barren, you are teeming with aliveness.

So I invite you to take a moment to acknowledge everything you’ve created today, most of it probably with ease. From a bowl of cereal to a clean litter box.

Notice how ALIVE you are.

Notice the aliveness of the world around you.

It’s only in overthinking that you stop feeling it.

In tuning your attention to what’s already here, and trusting that the inspiration will return, you’ll find the flow of creativity and fun you’ve been seeking.

Yours in creative play,