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For years I said, “The changes are just about to come! Good things are coming. I can feel it.”

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When I said that it always felt true but what I meant in that never seemed to show up.

A lot of time as I was talking about money. “More money’s about to come!”

If I look back in the years I’ve made varying amounts of money. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It’s come in and gone out of my bank account. Large amounts and small amounts, and always, “Things are about to get better!”

Yet that “better” never seemed to happen.

It’s only recently that I realized that’s because I was putting all of that in the future. I was putting all of that somewhere out in front of me and the future doesn’t exist.

There’s only now for me to have the experience of abundance and prosperity that I was asking for, it has to happen now.

Abundance doesn’t happen when the numbers in my bank account line up with what I think that looks like. It happens inside of me.

There’s a simultaneous arising of creation and it can’t happen without me.

I was putting everything into this imaginary feature that never comes.

I noticed this because I looked again just the other day and the landscape was different. Suddenly I realized that shift has happened in me.

I feel the difference. I feel the change. I feel the unfolding from within and it has nothing to do with the numbers in my bank account. They hadn’t changed since the day before.

I know in a way I couldn’t have seen before that what I’m looking for isn’t out there. It’s not in the future. Not in the world.

It’s inside of me.

Always has been. Always will be.

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