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What seed inside of you is ready to be planted?

My guest, Alex Baisley, and I tempt fate by having no set topic or agenda for our conversation. The result: we invent the concept of (Un)Business, discuss what most coaches get wrong, confess our professional insecurities and explore the questions to unlock your big dream. And of course, we have a lot of laughs along the way.

Here’s some of what we explore:

  • How being a coach is like gardening tomato plants, broccoli and asparagus.
  • What’s missing in the self-help and coaching industry
  • The “Locked in a Coffee Shop” exercise for life direction and clarity
  • 2 big questions for uncovering your big dream
  • Finding the right environment to flourish
  • What you really need to unleash your big dream
  • Choosing what you actually want instead of the prescriptions of business
  • Commentary on vomit emojis and alternate careers as an investigator or priest

CONTENT WARNING: This podcast contains the gentlest f-bombs ever. Seriously.

Listen to the podcast here:

How to Uncover Your Authentic Lifestyle & Calling

“The solutions to all of our problems already exist…seeds in the hearts and minds of people wandering around right now…trying to solve the world’s problems and bring peace.” – Alex Baisley

Here are a few of highlights from our conversation:

When we let ourselves grow naturally, we flourish in ways that we can’t even predict. 

People in the self-help industry tell us that if we do this and that differently, we will have a successful life, and that advice may help to some extent. But, we’ll be amazed by the outcomes if we allow our inner urge to the creation we genuinely desire.

Following your Big Dream is an inner freedom tool. It’s not as much about creating your dream as it is a journey of becoming yourself. You do this through discovering the process and environment that’s uniquely your own.

Self-indulgence as a lifestyle. Being your true self and creating from joy is good for everybody. Allow life to be of abundance. Live your life in such a way that your needs are fulfilled, that you naturally share and provide for the world. 

Being in an environment where someone actually listens draws out your Big Dream. We just need somebody who really listens, with no agenda, judgements and without a lot on their mind, and what’s within us has the space to emerge.

Don’t buy the prescriptions of business; do what you choose, not what you’ve been told you have to do. Design your business to facilitate a lifestyle you love. Start with what you enjoy and who you enjoy being with, and create a business around that.

“The root to money is easier if we’re doing what we enjoy.” – Alex Baisley

Be happy with what you have AND create what you truly desire. Fall in love with anything if you get in touch with who you really are and see the freedom inside. Alex works from the inner happiness and the outer expression in his coaching to address both.

The solutions to the problems of the world already exist in the seeds inside of people. Alex waters seeds wherever he finds them by helping people follow their Big Dreams, and sees it changing the world for future generations.

“The big dream is a message from our hearts to our heads, telling us that if we walk toward it, we will become who we want to be.” – Alex Baisley

Meet Alex Baisley, Coach & Reiki Master

Alex Baisley, with his Big Dream Program, is a consultant who shares a strategy for how folks – with ‘too many’ interests, and a desire (that won’t seem to go away) to make a difference in the world – might figure out WTF they’re supposed to be doing.

Former commercial diver, Alex had spent 10 years working underwater – even though the two things he hated most were being cold, and alone. He felt there was something he was supposed to be doing, and this certainly wasn’t it.

Years later he unexpectedly stumbled into his passion, Reiki – a vocation infinitely more meaningful to him – and eventually left the ocean for his own, warm, full-time clinic.

So far so good, until several years later, he was alarmed to feel increasingly unhappy every day walking to his clinic.

What the hell was wrong?

On a spring afternoon, a story came to him, and what he’d been missing became clear. He has never questioned his ‘Calling’ since that day.

His Big Dream Program hit the road around North America a few months later and struck a resounding chord. He’s been sharing his message around the world nearly 20yrs since.

Connect with Alex

Website: https://www.bigdreamprogram.com

The Tale of the Two Barbers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QzB0NSjakk

Petrichor: The Fewer Regrets Club: https://www.bigdreamprogram.com/petrichor1wkzalj

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alex.baisley/

Big Dream Program Telegram: https://t.me/+p-KaPkn_locyYmVh

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