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“My biggest questions about business almost always come down to the brass tacks (i.e., turning general concepts and theories into simple, actionable, specific action steps.)

“For example: Lead Generation

“People will usually say:

  1. Build a funnel (But what if your website gets no hits!?)
  2. Start a Facebook group (What if you hate FB and you have to spend 4 hrs on it every day just to get a decent algorithm?!?)
  3. Book speaking engagements (But where will your audience be? I’m tired of hearing people say, “Contact your chamber of commerce”) 🙄

“Another example: Licensing deals

“I have a mentor who is constantly talking about JV partnerships and licensing deals and how he makes money without money through these deals. (But what are the steps, languaging so you’ll be taken seriously, contracts? And is there an attorney required?)

“I think our industry [coaching] is top heavy in concepts and tactics and way too light on building the system and steps.

“We have too many loose theories out there and not enough training on how people who have successful lead generation have built their system (just as an example) are bringing in 10-20 leads per day.”

How can you bring in 10-20 leads per day?

So many variables! So many variables!

When you have ZERO leads, 10-20 sounds amazing. But how that actually looks in terms of results for your business will vary dramatically depending upon the match between the individual person and your offer.

If you bring in 10-20 leads per day, how many of them become clients? Are we talking about high-end offers or lower price point offers?

I don’t think I’ve ever consistently generated this many client leads on a daily basis in any of my businesses, other than during events and launch promotions, and I’ve had six-figure income businesses.

There are certainly people with trainings out there who can teach you how they have done these things, and perhaps even share the case studies of others they’ve helped to do so.

But my first question for you would be:

Do you need 10-20 leads per day?

We’re conditioned to think that more is better, but that simply isn’t always the case.

If your goal is to create high-end clients, you only need a few. And if your lead sources are high quality and your sales materials are high-converting, even 1 or 2 leads will fill your business.

Where am I going with this?

I think the problem isn’t flimsy tactics in internet marketing. I have personally taken numerous courses with solid strategies that were well-presented, though I’ve also taken those with huge gaps and low quality instructions.

I think the problem is thinking that these strategies ought to fit our own business and guarantee the same results right out of the box.

The systems taught by others were directly inspired to overcome that entrepreneur’s specific challenges and situation. They were not inspired for you.

The only place to find the path you seek is by following your own inner wisdom.

Which strategies are you drawn to? Which would you like to try? What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

And then, it’s not enough to try once. You’ll need to follow that same inner guidance to iterate, experiment, and find your own way forward.

Sometimes that guidance will lead you to experts, coaches and teachers. Other times, it will guide you in a direction that’s in complete opposition to their instruction.

But always, it will lead you to something fresh and new.

The problem isn’t incomplete training material; I don’t think any training material can ever be complete enough to work for everyone. The challenge is trusting your inner guidance and staying in the game through the inevitable obstacles that arise.

The lack of results typically experienced isn’t due to implementing an inadequate strategy; it comes from giving up too early.

It takes action over time to get results, no matter what strategy you choose. Are you committed?

Get in the game, stay in the game, and play.

That’s the best formula for guaranteed results I know.