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Coaching is this extraordinary relationship where two people (or more) come together in conversation, and magic and miracles emerge.

What makes this alchemy possible? 

While what happens may be unpredictable, the flavor of infinite possibilities and awesome creation is reliable. Both coach and client have an influence on the tangible and intangible results.

It seems to me the clients who get the best ROI from their coaching do these things.

Show up fully.

Of course, be in attendance for your coaching sessions. That’s pretty much a given.

But take it a step further. Show up present. Engaged. Fully inhabiting your being and alive.

Take a moment right now. 

What would it take to show up fully?

That’s what I’m talking about. 

Whether it’s joyful or sorrowful, showing up invites the activation of insight and possibilities.

Be an explorer.

Often, we come to our coaching with a specific goal in mind and an idea of how it’s supposed to show up. We try to figure things out and control the outcome.

Instead, come from a place of curiosity and wonder. Allow yourself to follow your curiosity with playfulness and lightheartedness.

We’re on a journey to see what we can see, not a race to the destination. The experience itself is rich with delights.

The more willing you are to look for something new, the more you’ll see. Seeing something new is where the magic of transformation occurs.

Set an intention, and then let it go.

You’ve come to coaching to explore a challenge or to create something new. Ask for what you really desire. Ask big.

And then let it all go. 

Allow yourself to drop into the moment and explore the terrain as if you’ve never seen it before. Without trying.

Between sessions, allow yourself the space to reflect with curiosity on your experience. Noticing the stillness that’s always present allows new insights to emerge. Shift from “figuring it out” to wondering about what’s possible.

You’ll see something that amazes you and shifts your world.

Be willing to have a new experience.

When you are willing to see something new, anything is possible.

When posed a question, even one that seems obvious, consider it fresh. Look for something you’ve never noticed before.

There is always something new to see.

Ground your insights with action.

Take the actions agreed upon between sessions. This allows you to anchor the transformation in a way that creates momentum and lasting change. 

In addition, act on the nudges, curiosities and inspirations you receive. Experiment, test and engage. 

Action sets the universe in motion, conspiring to create with you. It gives you the feedback to navigate your journey.

When in doubt, act.

Be vulnerable and share bravely.

If you’re feeling afraid to share something, tell me about it. If there’s a topic you’d rather avoid, bring it up. If you have concerns, tell me.

The more freely you express your experience, the more deeply we can explore, and the more life-changing insights you can have.

The richest gold often hides in the caves you dare not enter. We’ll enter them together, and you’ll emerge with unexpected treasures.

Write or journal between sessions. 

The process of writing out your thoughts, challenges and ideas will allow them to evolve and shift. The most powerful insights from coaching often happen in the space of reflection and expression.

You’re welcome to share these things with me, as it may also inform the process.

Trust yourself and know you’re supported.

I am so honored that you’re trusting me to guide your journey. Ultimately, it is your trust in yourself and your own inner wisdom, in choosing me as your coach, and taking every action along the way, is what you’re really trusting to guide you.

I’m here to support you, and remind you that we’re both always held in the space where everything is okay. We’re in this together.

Yours in creative play,