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Writing your story will change your life and it requires a willingness to enter into that change without knowing exactly what it will be.

So says Coach Debby Handrich about the transformational journey of the writing process. Our conversations touches on memoir, mothers, ex-husbands, liberation and the power of your story.

Here’s some of what we explore:

  • Blowing up your old business model
  • Giving yourself permission to do what you love in your business
  • Finding the story that wants to be told
  • Steph’s childhood promise to write a memoir and how she eventually wrote it
  • Debby’s story of growing up bullied because she was legally blind and had albinism, and how it fueled her expression.
  • Why what you think you’re writing is different than what you end up writing
  • Liberating yourself with story
  • How writing your story changes your identity

Listen to the podcast here:

The Liberation of Permission and Telling Your Story

“Permission allows you to see that it [your life or business] can be absolutely anything you want it to be.” – DH

You have permission to do business and life YOUR way. You can keep the parts you love and toss the rest in the shredder. Follow the feeling in the moment to know what to do next.

Write your book your way. Coach Debby gives us permission to share what you want and skip what you don’t. The hero goes out and has the adventures; the heroine comes home and writes about it to integrate the changes.

In discovering how your story wants to be expressed, you learn about yourself. There’s a story in the moment you changed when you didn’t know you could, an unexpressed desire you fulfilled or an obstacle you overcame. What you think you want to write usually isn’t what you end up writing.

The story that haunts you isn’t inside you and you don’t have to recreate it. Revisiting your story in order to write it doesn’t have to be scary because there’s a nurturing, holding energy that gives you permission to tell it the way you want.

“There’s so much richness in story.” – DH

What if you want to write but you don’t think you have an interesting story? Don’t compare yourself with Hollywood! Your greatest gift is sharing how you see the world, and it’s always different. It opens everyone up to new perspectives. If you have a desire to write, it’s because the wise part of you knows you have a story to tell.

“There’s a desire in people to write because this wiser part of them knows they have a special story.” – Debby Handrich

Telling your story liberates. You’re free from the old meaning and you find a new sense of joy. When you reach competition, you realize the freedom to be yourself.

You’re allowed to choose, make decisions and change your mind. This is a permission we often aren’t given and don’t give to ourselves. You have the permission to be and have your experience, without needing it to be different.

4 Steps of Writing a Book

  1. Be willing to go through the process and meet your new identity at the end.
  2. Decide to write it.
  3. Work with your choices.
  4. Begin to feel the liberation.

No willingness, no book. If you’re not willing, you won’t get what you came for. Ask yourself, “Do I want to know who I become?”

Writing a book doesn’t mean you have to publish or even finish it. You can enjoy the change, follow your joy and change your mind.

“If you’re feeling some joy just thinking about your book coming to life, it behooves you to follow that.” – Debby Handrich

Meet Coach Debby Handrich

Debby Handrich is a teacher to storytellers and memoir writers who craft books about their unique heroic journeys. She also helps adults of all ages create their next chapter in life through guided journaling, vision board parties, and life coaching.

Her clients have overcome losses and addictions, while others have acquired new businesses, more wealth, and the opportunity to travel the world. She is an avid reader of contemporary short fiction, biography, 12-step recovery, spiritual laws, and personal development. She has a strong desire to master the art of two long vacations to exotic destinations each year.

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