There once was a girl of leaving.

Everything she loved, she left.

Homes, cities, lovers, continents. Just as the moment settled over her and she could finally feel the love of it — it was gone.

The sadness of her constant leaving consumed her. She thought it would never end, like an abyss opening up to swallow her in endless falling, and here she was hanging onto the precipice.

One day, it occurred to her that there was no point in holding onto what couldn’t stay. The pictures, the days, the leaves, rushing by like scenery on a train.

So she let go.

Falling. Falling. Falling.

She found to her surprise that there was something to catch her. It was like love, it was like peace, but it was neither of those.

It was the moment she could always rest in where there was nothing to do but what was given her to do.



I’m in yet another time of change.

Relationships. Living arrangements. The services I offer in business.

It occurs to me that change is the one constant. Each moment that passes will never return.

Nothing stays.

There is a constant sadness in this, a constant invitation to let go into the acceptance of what is happening now. And now. And now.

And yet it seems there is something changeless and undying that supports me.

If you’re holding onto something that can’t stay…

Consider letting go.

You don’t have to do it. Just consider the possibility, and notice what happens.

Sending lots of love for all your letting go’s.