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I’ve allowed myself to be stopped by the fear of failure too many times. 

Truth is, I’m going to fail a million times on the creative journey of my audacious, challenging, inspiring dreams, much like a baby learning to walk who falls again and again.

What if failure was a GOOD thing?

Today I’m asking myself:

“What would you like to fail at today?”

If I’m going to fail at something, it might as well be something interesting.

I attempt to transition from a headstand (which I can do easily) to a handstand. I get a few giggles out of that failure. It’s even harder than I thought!

And yet if I fail at it enough times, I bet one day it will happen.

I want to fail at doing something really amazing.

“What would be so glorious that you would love to fail in the attempt?”

I’d love to fail in the attempt to translate and articulate the Infinite into stories, poems, articles, videos, soul message copy…with my very presence…reminding us what we really are.

Fail in that attempt?

I should be very, very happy, indeed.