Coaching Clients Without Selling

If you’ve been helping clients for a while, you know where people get stuck and the beliefs that need to shift in order to get results…

…but when potential clients don’t know what’s really going to help them, how do you get them to buy it?

The solution is simple: connect the results they want to what you do to help them.

Your clients DON’T want to “clear their limiting beliefs” (even if they think that’s what they need); they want to attract an ideal partner, earn more money, or feel good in their body.

Your clients DON’T want “time-saving techniques” (even if they think that’s what they need); they want to help more people and make more money in less time.

Some coaches get stuck thinking that they have to “sell” a solution they don’t believe in because it’s what their clients think they need, which is essentially pulling a bait and switch so that you can give them the real solution.

Please don’t ever sell something you don’t believe in. Of course, that would feel icky!

Here’s the misunderstanding:

You don’t need to create an offer promising what people mistakenly think they need to solve their problem. 

Instead, show people you can solve their problem first — then talk about how you do it differently than what they expect.  

Let me give you a specific example:

Your clients are busy, overwhelmed moms who do more in a day than most do in a week. They THINK they need new tools and time-saving strategies to squeeze more out of every day.

But you know that they REALLY need to slow down, take care of themselves first, and get inner guidance about the tools and strategies that will help them.

You wouldn’t create videos full of tips and tools to lure them in, and then switch to self-care and intuition practices once they become a client. 

Instead, first you’d connect to the challenges of busy moms: overwhelm, not sleeping, kids misbehaving, friction with their partner. (This need take no more than a sentence to establish the relevance. No need to “agitate” the pain.)

Then, take them through the transformation that occurs when they shift from trying to follow the experts’ rules, to using their intuition to find their own. Explain with specific examples to provoke an insight. “Ah ha! That’s why what I’ve been doing isn’t working.”

Here’s an example that often appears with my client-playmates:

Coaches think they need the right message and marketing strategy to convince potential clients to hire them.

But what they really need is inner clarity about what they really want to do, who they want to do it for, and how they do it. Because most of my clients are trying to play by the rules of the experts instead of listening to their own wisdom. I help them discover their own playful, inspiring path in business.

Then, their message is clear and powerful. The joyful strategies for reaching people become apparent because they are wisdom led.

So I’d create a piece of content showing how they can attract clients by ditching the “rules” and tapping their own inspiration and wisdom to create services they’re excited to share in a way that lights them up.

In order to immediately connect with your soulmate clients, begin with considering the tangible, top-of-mind problems in their heads. Things such as: losing a job, divorce, dealing with depression, finding clients.

Then consider your soulmate client’s journey of transformation. What beliefs will have to shift in order for them to get from where they are now to where they want to be?

Explain a specific shift and show how you help them make it. 

This gives them an experience of transformation, right inside your content, and introduces you as the guide to take them there.

Once you make this connection, you can present what you do with clarity and integrity. You won’t struggle for attention when your message is clearly connected to exactly what’s top-of-mind for your soulmate clients.

This is one of the small yet powerful shifts I help my client-playmates make that allows business to be easy, fun and profitable. On that note…

I have a 3-6 month coaching and messaging journey for coaches, therapists and change-makers to create consistent income with simplicity and fun. 

We’ll craft irresistible messaging woven with your deep purpose and genius gifts to attract your soulmate clients, and discover your authentic way of reaching them with playful un-marketing. No hype or endless social media posting required. 

This is a good fit for writers and/or speakers who love sharing what they know, and who are ready to create something BIG. It’s currently priced at the mid-four figures, with monthly payment options. 

Contact me if this sounds like you and we’ll have a chat to see what emerges. 

Yours in creative play,