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Have you ever had the flu and felt you’re doomed to feel sick FOREVER?

Or been so down you forgot what it’s like to feel good?

I called on the Universe for help in a recent low mood. “Take me back to the basics!” I said. “Show me what I’m forgetting.”

Within an hour, the perfect messages, from unlikely places, appeared.

Watch this video for the whole story:

It continues to amaze me how quickly my mood can shift from low to hopeful to absolute peace.

“You are one thought away from happiness, one thought away from sadness. The secret lies in thought.” – Sydney Banks

The messages that came to me:

#1 – This won’t last forever.

No matter how bad it feels, and no matter how real it seems, this experience won’t last. It never does.

Even the blackest day has moments of light.

Remembering this brings hope when I need it most.

#2 – The source of every problem is getting caught up in my thinking; the solution for every problem is dropping out of thought and into the present moment.

Every problem is a thought problem. Every one.

Of course, there are obstacles and challenges, but none of them become “problems” until I think them up as such. And as soon as I stop thinking of it as a “problem,” the problem disappears.

This reminder what exactly what I needed in a moment that felt like an exception.

“Every problem we have in life is the result of losing our bearings and getting caught up in the content of our own thinking. The solution to every one of these problems is to find our way back home.” – Michael Neill, The Space Within

What comforts you when you’re feeling low?

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