Ah, the joys of business beyond the rules!

Nicola Chung brought her soul-led approach to branding — and oodles of personality with an occasional f-bomb — to our first presentation in the (Un)Market Your Message series…

Soul-Aligned Branding: How to Let Your Soul Come Through Your Business

Soul-Aligned Branding with Nicola Chung

Here’s some of what we explored:

  • How to let your soul purpose direct your business and brand identity

  • Tapping your intuition for a clear “yes” or “no”

  • How to instantly feel fulfilled and aligned in your business…and how that translates to $$$ for your business

  • “Accidental niching” to naturally attract your ideal clients

  • Why “just being you” in business is bad advice

(If you missed it, you can get free access to the “Soul-Aligned Branding” replay along with the upcoming presentations in the (Un)Market Your Message series.) 

While there were many gems, I’ll share a few of my biggest takeaways.

The Gold of a Soul-Aligned Business

Conventional business and marketing training teaches us to choose a niche, identify our ideal client avatar, and start with that in creating our offers and messaging. 

This isn’t horrible advice, as at least it means your offer is connected to the needs of the people you’d like to serve and they words they use to express them. But there is a danger in an entirely customer-centered business that most marketing experts don’t address.

When you begin with the externals, it can lead to misalignment. It’s tempting to choose what looks like a “profitable” niche, rather than the one your heart longs to serve. As a result, you can end up feeling unfulfilled and burnt out, even if you end up making money. 

By contrast, Nik guides her clients in creating a soul-aligned brand and business. 

A soul-led business begins with YOU, your personal values, your mission for world change, and infuses them into every aspect of your business.

The result is a completely authentic expression and an instant sense of fulfillment because you’re on purpose. Having permission to do everything in your business exactly your way also feels pretty darn good.

But the argument for soul-aligned branding isn’t just feel-good fluff. 

When you’re fulfilled and enjoying yourself, you’re inspired and engaged with your business. You take more consistent actions over time, which means more results in terms of money, clients and impact…all while you’re having fun.

When you share your values and mission, you’ll experience what Nik calls, “accidental niching.” 

People who share your values will be drawn to you, and those who don’t will be repelled. Simply by being in authentic alignment with your values, your ideal clients step forward.

A soul-aligned brand also allows you to break through the ceiling on your industry price. Your soulmate clients, the ones who share your deepest values and vision for the world, will feel a deeper connection with you and will pay more to be a part of it.

Your soul-aligned business is no longer a commodity. Your clients aren’t simply paying for a service; they’re joining a movement and become your ambassadors for change.

Be sure to catch the replay of Nik’s presentation when you register for the (Un)Market Your Message series here, and grab a free copy of the Soul-Aligned Branding workbook here

 “It’s easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back.” Seth Godin

Meet Nicola Chung, Soul-Led Business & Branding Coach 

Nik Chung is an International Speaker, Branding & Business Strategist and an Adventurer of Consciousness. She guides her clients in creating unique, soul-led businesses that break the conventional rules of “how to do business” and instead create from a mission and values-based foundation that guides their business growth at every level, allowing them to create success on their terms. 

Nik wants to create a world that is inclusive and celebratory of differences, starting from within each person.  By loving yourself wildly, the shit, the amazingness and everything in between, you ignite the courage to do business (and life) your way and from that you cannot help but create more acceptance, peace and harmony in the world!

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