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What’s the real benefit of telling your story?

A powerful story in business allows you to connect and stand out in an online world. You’ll create greater impact and increase your reach so you can help more people and create more clients.

Many coaches and change-making entrepreneurs have a deep yearning to share their story to pass on the hard-earned lessons for the benefit of others.

This is what Romina Cavagnola calls your “soul story,” and writing it is a journey of transformation, both for you and the reader.

She shared this practical, inspiring workshop as part of my (Un)Market Your Message series…

Writing Your Soul Story

Writing Your Soul Story with Romina Cavagnola

We explored:

  • How to create impact with a deep, inspiring story

  • Connecting and standing out in an online world

  • Uncover your soul elements (these make up your “essence” and can provide inspiration on tap) and mindmap them

  • Journal prompts to get to the heart of what you want to share

  • What to do when you’re not inspired to write or create content

  • 4 questions to draw out the “book in you” and identify your core message

(If you missed it, you can get free access to the “Writing Your Soul Story” replay along with the upcoming presentations in the (Un)Market Your Message series.) 

Here are a few of my favorite takeaways…

You can find the essence of your story by mapping out your experience, skills, gifts, credentials and values. Romina showed us how to create a visual representation that can be mined to find the thread of stories for endless inspiring and authentic content.

Prompts and collecting topic ideas makes it easy to create content that attracts clients. When you get your ass in the seat and your fingers on the keys or paper, the magic will happen.

It’s likely that your story mirrors that of your soulmate client. When you tell the story of your own healing and transformation, it resonately deeply with those you’re here to serve without the use of manipulative sales tactics or “agitating the pain.” 

Your story allows you to communicate about the most sensitive issues indirectly, bypassing the mind and going straight to the heart of your message.

Be sure to catch the replay of Romina’s presentation when you register for the (Un)Market Your Message series here

Meet Romina, Content Creation Coach, Storycrafter & Publisher

Romina Cavagnola is a content creation coach, storycrafter and  publisher working with soulful women to draw out the essence of their message and weave it into their words. She intuitively guides them out of content overwhelm and into an aligned content creation journey.

Through her new publishing company, Alchemy of Alignment (TM) Publishing, she facilitates the publication of individually and collaboratively authored books while helping women activate their own self-healing journeys through the power of telling their story.

Romina is a single, co-parenting boy mama of a little adventure seeker. She enjoys spending time in nature with her son, reading, connecting with like-minded women, astronomy, and musical theatre.

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