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Are you creating your life BACKWARDS?

Let me give you some examples from my own life.

Eighteen years ago, my partner and I wanted to start a business.

We brainstormed options, looked at what “seemed possible” and settled on a wedding DJ business, which seemed like a huge improvement on our hellish corporate jobs.

(It was, by the way.)

I loved working with couples, but the late nights and long weekend hours were rough. I’m a get-to-bed-by-9pm kind of gal. 🙂

Ten years ago, I leapt into internet marketing with fervor, intent on creating business and marketing trainings for wedding professionals. We’ve since made over $1 million in sales of our online courses and memberships.


I didn’t realize the toll spending hours in front of the computer would have on my brain and body.

I was hooked on raw food stimulants to keep going. And once the newness wore off, I realized that I loathed the constant churn of a product launch.

Here’s the common mistake I made:

I picked a business first and then tried to squeeze myself into it.

It’s the normal thing to do.

We resolve ourselves to a 40 hours work week — and it often expands to much more for entrepreneurs — and then try to fit family, recreation and fun in the “extra” time.

Ha. Nice try.

I’m asking you to imagine being ABNORMAL when it comes to planning your life, just for a few minutes.

What if you build your business around the life you want to have…instead of the other way around?

You can create your business any way you desire because you’re making it up.

What if you filled your life with everything that inspires, nurtures and feeds your soul FIRST…

…and then created a business or income source to sustain it?

What would that do for the quality of your life?

I’ve been making this mistake, too.

I’ve fallen into the trap of working seven days a week…and then thinking about work on my days off.

I’m fortunate that my business creates an abundance of inspiration and joy.

But so many other things get swept to the wayside: hiking outdoors, dinner with friends, yoga, reading.

I can’t sustain that pace anymore. I won’t. My soul isn’t going to let me.

It’s time to build my life and business to ENABLE joy, play and inspiration.

I’m redesigning my life around the things that bring me the most joy. Perhaps you’ll join me?

3 Steps to Create Your Joyful Coaching Business and Life

  1. Identify the activities that bring you the most joy, delight and inspiration.

  2. What would your week look like if you did those things first? What would fill your days?

  3. Design your business or career around THAT.

I don’t know what that’s going to look like for you.

It might mean working fewer days. It might mean redesigning your entire business or creating a new one that inspires you.

Answer these questions for yourself. Examine your life.

What would your life and business look like if it was 100% designed to nurture and inspire you?

What you love may have little or nothing to do with what you do to create money, and that’s completely okay.

I remember my mentor, Steve Lewis, telling the story of a man who worked in a toll booth five days a week.

The job was mindless, but it provided a nice living and left him completely free to pursue his writing on nights and weekends. He never brought work home with him.

Before you tell me that you can’t do this, that you have commitments and responsibilities and realities to deal with…

You’re still the creator of your life.

You can fill your days with delight or drudgery.

What ONE THING can you do daily to feed your soul?

Start with that and let it grow. Let it lead the way.

One thing about life I know for sure:

No one gets out alive, and we can’t be sure how much time we have left.

Doesn’t it make sense to spend the time you have left enjoying what you love?


Would you like to design your life and business around what feeds your soul?

Contact me for a free virtual coffee and Wild Creation conversation in which we’ll explore what makes your heart sing and what you can create today to make that possible.