I signed up for a 21 day manifesting challenge last month.

Each day we were given a small task: create an intention, dance, meditate, write down what you’re grateful for.

One thing we weren’t asked to do was take action on our intention.

Now all of these things are lovely, and they can be an effective part of shifting our mindset and energy into the space of creation.

But if I don’t do my part by engaging in the creation of what I desire, the thing doesn’t do itself.

The Universe creates WITH us. As in, you need to be in the game.

Many of my client-playmates say some variation of this statement:

I need to get my ducks in a row…”

They have a long list of things to do before they’ll be ready to start or promote their coaching or healing business. 

(Hey, been there and done that. I sat on the project that initiated my new business for nine months before taking action!)


I need to figure this out in my mind first…and then I’ll get into action.

It’s an excuse we use to put off action.

Let’s take a clue from mother nature about how lining up ducks REALLY works.

Baby ducks line up behind the mother and follow her everywhere in a nice, orderly line so everyone stays safe and together.

Your ducks are all in a row. Nice, eh?

Here’s the thing:

The ducks don’t line up until the mama duck moves.

Let me repeat that again:

The ducks don’t get in a line when mama is standing still; she needs to move first.

Guess what?

In the world of creation, YOU are the mama duck.

All those ducks you need to “line up” before you make your choice? They don’t line up until you get into action.

So if you’re waiting for those ducks to line themselves up in that pretty little head of yours…you’re going to be waiting for a really long time.

Here’s the recipe for creating your passion and purpose-fueled project:

Step #1 – Take an action towards what you’d like to create. (Move, Mama Duck!)

Step #2 – Watch the universe give you feedback. (Baby ducks line up behind you.)

Step #3 – Repeat steps one and two over time for progress.

The clarity you desire around what you’d like to create comes in the doing of it and not before.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and uncertain…

You’re just one small action away from the creation of what brings you joy.

If you’re having trouble knowing where to start, let’s hop on a call and get you into inspired action.

This can be WAY more fun that you think. 🙂

Yours in creative play,


P.S. This is a reminder for ME, too. You’ll see me taking a whole mess of inspired actions over the next week or two calling in new client-playmates and opportunities. This is your invitation to join me in the adventure.

P.P.S. As in all things, this isn’t a RULE. Sometimes, especially if you’re lost in a storm of shit stories, waiting is the perfect thing to do. 

But more often than not, taking an action leads to clarity, and not the other way around.