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I wasn’t always a lazy marketer.

Back in the beginning of my business journey (over 20 years ago!) I was in love with marketing. I geeked out on SEO, blogging, copywriting, content marketing, Google Ads…pretty much anything and everything marketing.

You see, it didn’t feel like “marketing” to me, not in the way coaches and changemakers usually talk about it as pushy, annoying and fake.

Marketing was simply communication, a way to connect with the people I wanted to help.

I started helping other entrepreneurs to learn the marketing strategies that had proven so helpful for me, because they seemed to be struggling with it.

But over the years, marketing stopped feeling like fun. There were more rules for me to follow in order to get it “right.” The formulas I’d learned didn’t seem to fit me and my business anymore,.

Then two years ago, I quit using social media altogether.

It was a scary thing to do because Facebook had been a primary source of creating clients. But I survived, and so did my business.

Slowly, I dropped all the “marketing” activities I was taught that no longer felt right: lead magnets, hypey headlines, artificial deadlines to add scarcity.

Strangely enough, I didn’t become invisible. In fact, my income has continued to grow over 20% every year since.

So what did I do to escape the nightmare of non-stop marketing?

I stopped doing things because someone told me I should do them, and started following what I knew to do instead.

I ran (Un)Marketing Experiments, tested out different ways to share content, and did things just because I felt like it.

Some of those activities may look like traditional “marketing,” but none of them FEEL like icky, gross “marketing.”

This is what I call (Un)Marketing your business.

The key: throw out everything you’re supposed to do and what the experts say you should do…

And do what occurs to you instead.

Let your gorgeous inner guidance show you the path to connecting with the people you’re here to serve.

Being you, simply doing what you do, and making it easy for people to discover you, is the most fun, effortless way of “marketing” that exists, and it’s even more effective because it oozes with authenticity and the essence of you. Plus, you’re more likely to stick with it because it’s actually FUN.

These days, I still take a lot of actions in my business, but I call myself a “lazy” marketer because none of it feels strategic or tactical. It feels like being me.

I want to show you how you can find an effortless way to share what you do and create clients, too.

Please come along, but leave your “serious” marketing hat at home. We’re going to show you just how much fun you can have in this vehicle for being you that we call business.

Yours in love and play,