Natalie Ross of Earth Speak joins me for an intimate, vulnerable conversation that begins with the question:

“How can I scale my business without losing the intimacy of the experience and adopting a patriarchal structure?”

Thanks to Natalie’s openness, we quickly dive into a lovely conversation with her “fear body” in a somatic experiencing journey where we meet several conflicting personalities. The result is a gentle and loving integration.

If this sounds a bit trippy, that’s because it probably is. Natalie’s potent energy and willingness to meet her experience is an invitation to explore both light and shadow, as we enjoy ourselves in the process. We encounter a hippy gardener, a research assistant and their conflicting desires for freedom and control. And brownies even make an appearance!

The authentic, cosmic experience of being with Natalie is one of the many reasons she’s become a dear friend of mine. If you’ve never experienced the clarity that can result from a creative conversation with your body, you’re in for a treat.

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Here’s some of what we explore:

  • How do you scale your business without compromising the member experience?

  • Options for equitable and inclusive pricing structures

  • Leadership alternatives to the patriarchal, authoritarian structure and choosing “power with” rather than “power over”

  • Navigating the conflicting desires for structure and freedom, connection and alone time that can keep you from moving forward

  • Natalie’s mission of returning to our role as the Keepers of the Earth and a peaceful alternative to “the machine”

  • How to “get paid to play” in business

  • Dealing with a fear of disappointing others and the courage to lead

  • How to convey the big picture of your vision into a potent message that inspires your community to create it with you

“The energy we individually and collectively embody as keepers of the earth can be brought into everyday life in a way that honors the earth, people, life, spirit, the individuality of each person and the beauty of our coming together.”

Natalie Ross, Earth Speak

Meet Natalie Ross

Natalie Ross loves helping people connect to their intuition and the earth. 

Through her podcasts, online community, and courses, Natalie has helped thousands of people feel less alone in their spiritual journeys, to remember their deeper truths, and to value themselves as sensitive, intuitive beings.

She most recently co-founded the Earth Speak Collective, a community to help people learn to hear and trust their intuition and activate their Earth magic. 

Natalie believes that tending to your energetic wellness and awakening your intuition is the foundation for stepping into your purpose and moving towards greater harmony for all life on Earth. 

You can listen to the Earth Speak podcast through any podcast app, and you can learn more about the Collective at

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