“It is the worst thing on earth, this truth about how little truth we know. I hate and resent it. And yet it is where new life rises from.” – Ann Lamott

It’s as if I’m standing on the edge of a precipice, staring over the edge.

What is this VOID I’m about to leap into?

What is this UNKNOWN vastness?

It feels like I’m about to abandon all I know about who I am for…something I know not.

It is this burning CURIOSITY, the compulsion to TRANSFORM, that urges me to leap out into the unknown.

Courage isn’t even a factor. I wish I could claim to be brave.

It is an unbreakable vow I have taken to explore the undiscovered territory, delve the hidden depths, unearth the treasures buried in the darkest corners of me.

What will I find? Who will I be?

What if I have been in the void all along?

What if I could learn to love it?

I take a breath and reassure myself that it’s okay if I pretend to “get it” once in a while, for variety or comic relief.

I am something new asking to be born.

So be it.