One of my clients has HUGE intentions.

She wants to change the world. Leave a legacy. Aid the evolution of humankind.

She has big, lofty dreams.

Here’s the problem:

The daily activities necessary for running a business — like having conversations with potential clients and partners, doing market research, networking — were just so MUNDANE by comparison.

She’d prefer to think about a Grand Plan…rather than act on a tiny one.

It’s the same problem Brandon Stanton relates in this interview. He was so focused on his philosophical reveries that he nearly flunked out of school.

When I stopped trying to figure out the big problems waiting to be solved and put one foot in front of the other…things evolved bigger than I could have ever imagined.”

Brandon Stanton, founder of Humans of New York

Instead, Brandon focused on his passion for photography. He followed his inspiration and nurtured his soul.

Eventually, the phenomenal success of the website emerged. Along with books and a speaking career.

But it never would have happened if he kept dreaming big without action.

It’s okay if you’re stuck.


Sometimes connecting your Big Dream to the tiny steps necessary to get there seems impossible.

Today is the day to change that.

The key is…

Follow your inspiration.

Do the things that nourish you in this moment.

This will lead you to the difference you’re here to be.

What can you do today that would light up your soul? How might you share that with someone else?

That’s creating value. Do that and you will discover the path to what you’d like to create in business and life.


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