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Robert Pardi brings his vibrant, contagious energy to our conversation about creating with the shit of life and writing your own narrative to the circumstances outside of your control.

He shares the story of his young wife’s terminal cancer diagnosis and how the two of them learned to embrace the time they had, and his adventures as an immigrant in Italy pursuing his dreams after her death.

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Here’s some of what we explore:

  • Rob’s journey through childhood abuse to becoming an investment banker, and then leaving it all behind after his wife’s passing to find himself teaching English in Italy for €8 an hour.
  • The secret to living a quality life
  • Leaving a legacy
  • How to stop being a victim
  • The gift of knowing your life and everything is going to end
  • The transformational power of the F-bomb

This episode contains what some people consider to be obscene language, and it just might be good for you. Consider yourself warned.

Creating Yourself From Shit & Death

“There’s a whole bunch of shit in front of me. I can either ignore it or use it as fertilizer and plant something in it.” – Robert Pardi

Write the story you want to live. Rob decided early on that he would be the author of his own life’s narrative. The question, “What great story can I live because of this?” became a guiding inquiry through his wife’s battle with cancer, in grief after her death, and recreating his life as an expat immigrant to Italy.

Living in a new country is an opportunity for reinvention and to communicate beyond words. In a foreign environment, our assumptions and insecurities become apparent, and we have an opportunity to see new perspectives and broaden our worlds.

Pending death is an invitation to presence. As Rob and his wife faced the time horizon of her terminal illness, they asked, “What can we do with the time we have?” Roberts sees two options: you can be a victim or a superhero. We may not control the events of our lives, but we can control the story we tell about it.

“My hand held the pen that wrote narrative to the things out of my control.” – Robert Pardi

Be grateful for everything. So often we resist the difficult experiences, but Rob believes true self love means being thankful for it all. If you’re not happy with yourself, ask what you can control to transform into who you’d like to be.

You are creating yourself in every moment. We write the narrative of our life with the thoughts given our attention. If we know we’re telling a story, we don’t need to change the story to have a different experience in the moment. As soon as we see the self-created nature of our reality, choice opens up, and we see the possibility to do things differently.

“The energetic signature we leave behind us is the legacy other people can read.” – Robert Pardi

Embrace the impermanence of life and it can become your playground. You can no longer fail, unless you don’t try, create and explore. Agency is an invitation to live your life to the fullest. Are you going to resist it? Change it? Work with it? Create with it?

“F*ck this!” is a call to live an empowered life. Rob’s own refusal to accept feelings of depression and resignation gave birth to a new group coaching program using the power of the F-bomb to interrupt our habitual thinking and wake people up.

“It’s not the circumstances that define our life, it’s what we do with those circumstances.” – Robert Pardi


Meet Robert Pardi, Coach, Educator & Speaker

Robert is one of those rare individuals who thrives on change and is the founder of Possibility in Action – a transformative methodology empowering individuals to shape their destinies through intentional living and identity shifting.

Drawing from a journey of continual reinvention, he guides seekers through his books, workshops, and coaching – unlocking possibilities, shaping desired futures, and elevating lived experience. With a raw and direct approach, Robert awakens personal responsibility and inspires purposeful living.

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