How do you live a magical life?

My podcast guests, the mother-daughter duo Julie and Tash Lewin, are committed to helping entrepreneurs and practitioners create magical lives with tools such as energy medicine, lightcodes and the simple practice of beingness.

In this spiritual and esoteric conversation, we talk about the energy of thought, energetic frequency and humans as both transmitters and receivers.

Here’s some of what we explore:

  • Why what you want isn’t showing up in your life and how to change that
  • The proof that you’ve shifted a habitual pattern permanently
  • The limitations of mindset and strategy that often aren’t addressed
  • How to handle negative thoughts before they create your world
  • The “shaman’s secret” for getting out of your head and into your heart
  • How to avoid the cycle of avoiding and seeking that keeps you stuck
  • Enhancing telepathy, thought transference, universal awareness
  • How Julie manifested her dream car within 2 hours
  • Misquoting Walt Whitman and singing my anxiety

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“When you’re asked by Spirit to create something, you create it.” – Tash Lewin

How to Use Energy of Thought to Create Your Life

Knowing everything as frequency holds the key to integrating the physical and metaphysical. Julie was at a 10 day vipassana retreat when she had an experience of the space within and how we are not solid, but vibrating energy. Since then, she’s been studying energetic frequency and exploring unseen forces of attraction and repulsion.

Bring attention to your energetic frequency as a self-investigation. If you find yourself repeating situations you don’t desire, or struggling to create what you’d like, it’s an opportunity to look deeper. You’re not stuck with your current energetic match; you can change it.

“We are an entire universe within this body. We all live in our own world because we have everything in the universe within us.” – Julie Lewin

You can go beyond shifting beliefs by addressing the energetic frequency of thoughts that don’t serve. Mindset work only addresses the mental state, but when we address the energetic frequency, you can make shifts easier and faster.

Transformation can happen instantly or over time. When you see the world differently, many areas of your life can change at once, and it can happen immediately. Other times, the change occurs drop by drop as your habitual thinking becomes obvious. You’ll know a shift is permanent when it transcends strategy, and your automatic response to a previously difficult situation is easeful.

That which you avoid chases you; that which you seek is forever elusive. Most people bounce between seeking and avoiding, which means they aren’t getting what they want. When you find equanimity, the experience of creation is magical.

Your thoughts are not who you are. We’ve been trained to take ownership of our thoughts and do something about them, but you can ask, “Is this mine?” and return them to sender or allow them to simply pass through. We’re meaning making machines, but that doesn’t mean there is any inherent meaning in the first place.

Humans are both receivers and transmitters. We receive thoughts like a radio receives a broadcast signal, but we also broadcast them into the universe to create our reality. Once we know this, you can choose which thoughts to tune into and amplify the signal you desire. You can also receive guidance about next steps for your life.

“If we can tell any story, why not tell a good one?” – Tash Lewin

Awe and wonder create magic in your life. When you’re in a state of wonder about something, it puts you in the space prior to mind. This is a powerful way to manifest what you’d like to create.

You can consciously create your life, and you can also ask to be a conduit of Spirit. This means allowing the unfolding to occur and letting life live you, instead of driving your life.

Lightcodes allow you to clear the mental and energetic aspects of beliefs. Tash designed lightcode oracles cards as a vessel of creation; she didn’t intend to create a product, but they ended up being useful for people because they hold energetic frequency. Clearings and activations are programmed into the lightcodes, which can be useful to articulate what’s going on when you don’t have words for it.

Meet Julie & Tash Lewin, Co-Founders of Lightcode Lab

Julie and her daughter Tash Lewin are thought leaders in Conscious Business and passionate about doing business without the hustle by incorporating more co-created Magic into the process.

They have created a Lightcode card deck and digital resource library of Clearings, Meditations, and Energy Healing Templates.

These resources are created specifically to help business owners and entrepreneurs navigate their own self-sabotage patterns, and for coaches, consultants and practitioners to help their clients navigate the growth edge resistance that inevitably comes up.

The Lightcodes hold and transmit energetic frequency to untangle and unravel what’s really going on underneath the resistance to showing up and being seen in their work. They make the unseen, seen, so it can be Witnessed and either reclaimed or let go. It is a fast way of getting to the root cause of the resistance, when we don’t consciously know what’s holding us back.

Working one on one for deeper accelerated inner work, Julie and Tash raise the energetic frequency of their clients, so they can be high frequency conduits for new Earth solutions that bring about world change. It is their passion and mission, and they make it fun.

Julie Lewin has 37 years experience as a medical intuitive, is the founder of the Energy Medicine Modality AreekeerA®, and lives a happy, contented life in rural Australia on 1/2 acre with eight chickens.Tash Lewin is a graphic designer specializing in branding and a serial entrepreneur who loves when science and magic meet, who currently lives in Brisbane but plans on moving to New York City.

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