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Once there was a girl who was dark inside.

She looked around at other people. Everyone seemed so bright and shiny compared to her.

She imagined that everyone else knew exactly where they were going and what they were doing because of the light living inside them.

Somehow hers was missing. All she had was the darkness.

One day the girl noticed a light so bright she was compelled to find its source. She followed it all the way back to a wise old woman with a lighthouse inside projecting a beacon that could be seen for miles.

“Old woman,” the girl said. “Where can I get a light like yours?”

The woman smiled. “Everyone has a light inside them,” she said. “You’ve just forgotten how to see it.”

The girl struggled to understand. She looked into the darkness inside and said, “I don’t see anything.”

“You must search out the sparks before you can find the light,” the old woman replied. “Let me show you.”

The wise old woman put her finger on all the places inside the girl where she’d felt joy and inspiration. She touched the spaces where curiosity and wonder and delight had sparked an inclination to dance, create, speak, learn, play.

“These are your sparks,” the old woman explained. “Follow them to find your light.”

Finally the girl understood.

The things she was naturally drawn to do were the sparks of light inside her, and she bowed to each one.

The girl lit up with a light that was all her own.

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